get the gun~

Someone please go get the gun and shoot my printer!! 

Hair pulling... verge of swearing... kicking and throwing things...

I'm going bonkers over putting in the black ink cartridge!!!!

I went through this once before where it just would NOT go in right ... after many frustrating tries I gave my daughter a call ... she comes over ... pop... in it goes... no trouble whatsoever. 

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!!

The colored cartridge just snaps right in; but the dog gone black one just won't snap into place.  ERROR messages popping up everywhere.  Duh... yeah... I know it's not installed ... you don't have to keep telling me over and over and over and over and over and over again... stupid computer.... stupid printer.

Where's Slim?  He always claims he can do anything I can do ... only better.  Well come on big boy... get in here and fix this thing.  Oh yeah... that's right... it's "your printer and computer" ... "you can fix it".

He just won't admit he's computer illiterate ... and any other kind of techno gadget. 

Dang... I'm ready to call my pc guy and pay a $75 service call to install this stupid cartridge!!!!!

I need to call Staci and ask her to come over and save her mother from the looney bin!   She'll enjoy this ~ about as much as her father will enjoy it ~ and I know it'll just snap right in and show me once again it's operator error...  stupid printer... stupid computer.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Whoooooa, little missy. All this talk of guns and violence and swearing is a bit concerning to me. Call the daughter, call the daughter, call the daughter!!

  2. RE: Lynilu ~
    I called the daughter ~ and guess what ~ it popped right in ~ she had me up and going in a matter of seconds.
    No printers or pc's were harmed in anyway during the rampant rampage of the user. Resorting to extreme violence was not necessary. lol

  3. Mercy Mel. Glad Staci or was it Sara, that saved the day. Would be a shame to see a hole in the wall just before the wedding....hmmmm
    Glad all is well again.
    I tip-toe as I say this., but
    Have A Great Day

  4. Hey, what a nice entry. Having been in that position a few times it makes a guy proud to hear it also happens to great ladies.

    Glad it worked out with out gun play!
    Love it!
    From mackinac island
    Sherry & Jack

  5. No doubt about it we are SISTERS! Thom always laughs at how much trouble I have with "mechanical" things.

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  7. Hi Mel,
    We will be in your neck of the woods, Tues. eve, Wed, Thurs and depart Friday. WE are going to pick up our mail in Park Falls.
    We would love to buy you guys a cup of coffee and meet you during that time if you have time. We plan to stay at Smith Lake Campground for those days; it looks like the closest to Park Falls.
    We were going on to Iowa but were reminded by a friend that we needed to see the House On the Rock in Spring Green. So seeing Park Falls that close, thought about calling for our mail to be sent there.
    Love From Marquette
    Sherry & jack
    sherry will answer 704 616 3186