Well Happy July already!  Time is just a flying by these days.  When do the lazy days of summer start?  Someone let me know so I can slow it down and enjoy it before it passes me by.

Not much is happening around here.  Dear Hubby and I have been making firewood and have the woodshed just about 3/4 of the way full with hardwood (predominately maple and yellow birch) for this coming winter.  The wood piled on the outside of the shed is poplar and balsam which is a softer wood and doesn't make good coals and hold heat like the hardwood.  We call it junk wood ~ which we burn when it's not real cold out ... above 30 degrees.  We also burn a little junk wood in the summer months to heat our water system.  It's a lot of hard work; but a LOT cheaper than paying for fuel oil or gas and an electric hot water heater.  All our heating cost us is a little electricity to run the pump and our time and labor. 

Now that most of the wood work is done I can concentrate a little more on my gardening and house keeping.  My daughter has  a wedding coming up in six weeks and it's taking place in our back yard.  Mercy!! I do have a lot of stuff to get accomplished this month.

I was snapping photos again ...

Brandy ~ the overseer of all that goes on around here.

Goat's Beard ~ what an odd name for this plant.

Missouri Primrose ~ with a little Lamb's Ear peeking out:

Don't you just love daisies ~ the I love you I love you not flower ~  these are wild voluntaries on the outside of my flower bed:

A Monte Negro Lily that was originally a deep burgundy red it's first year; but has come back orange ever since... still... very pretty.

AND... some trail camera shots!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Mornin' Mel. Wood pile is looking very
    impressive. How long will that last on
    an average winter? I imagine you'll be
    burning some up after the wedding sitting
    around the fire pit...still hope I'm there, but
    hope is still all it is. Lovin' the photo of
    the flowers with Brandy. She's a sweet one.
    Keep the trail photos coming - I loved the
    one from the last post with the raccoon's ass-ets
    sticking out of the log. You could sell these
    photos somewhere Mel, seriously!
    Have a great day woman, catch ya later- love, me

  2. Lazy days of summer, Mel? I think those are only in childhood, LOL!
    Love the nature photos.. hiw fortunate to be able to see all those critters!

  3. What a neat wood storage. Since I am 80 I think times must have changed. Our wood was exactly what it was, a wood PILE. Dad would have the boys bring some in our little back porch and the rest stayed in an old shed that probably would not be any dryer than outside. Love the pictures but would stay far from the black bears.

  4. No lazy folk around your neck of the woods I see. I know a lot of work goes into the cutting and splitting. I know you will have it all dry and ready for winter.

    I am always amazed by the trail camera. We love the results. Love that black and white kitty!!!

    Take care, Love sent from the edge of the Smokies and Blue Ridge.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. I love all your pictures Mel, but that trail camera is fantastic. Imagine all that wildlife right outside your place. How fun to see all those critters in their natural habitat.

  7. Hi Mel, Just stopping by to see how life is in WI... Looks like you are getting some great firewood for next winter. We 'buy' ours ---but that is still cheaper than running the furnace so much.

    Love your flowers --but am not crazy about seeing bears so close to your property.... Yipes!!!! We have night critters (possoms, raccoons, skunks, etc.)--but haven't heard of a bear in our area.

    Happy 4th...

  8. Our bears don't get THAT big! Nice captures!

  9. WOW, Mel! I've had a crazy summer and haven't been by in a while. I love this new blog look!

    Your photography is always amazing! The flowers and wildlife are beautiful!

    Hope you are getting along okay with weather changes. Take care.