eye candy ~ Today's Flowers

My flower beds right now are eye candy if you're into blooms ... like I am :)
The only problem is ... they're blooming too soon ~~ a month too soon ~~  everything will be done blooming by time of the wedding :(  
When the kids set their wedding date which is August 14th ... any normal year, that's when most of my perennials would be in bloom; but with this crazy climate change we're going through they all decided to kick in a month early.

missouri primrose
purple joy of autumn sedum
 Even my neglected sedums in the hypertufa pots that I made are growing:

ellacombianum sedum
john creech sedum
I hope the rain comes and washes that bird poo off my mushroom for me. lol

 The lilies right now are gorgeous!

spider lily
red day lily
The ants like them too.
monte negro lily

My apple trees are full of apples and even the blueberry bush that I tucked into the flower bed is putting on fruit:

patriot blueberry
Yes... my yard is eye candy ~ a month too soon.
johnny jump up
million bells
false sunflower
purple astillbe / ostrich fern
oxeye daisy
patriot hosta blossom
moonbeam coreopsis
coral carpet sedum? or possibly murale sedum?
sexangular sedum?
jacob's ladder
All my flowers will be done by the wedding ... are you feeling my sadness??? bummer



Hopefully ~ my little piece of swamp moss that I took off a rock down in the woods and planted into an old cream seperator bowl with some cockscombs will still be green....

... As well as my little arbor vitae tree that I started from a seedling from the Arbor Day Foundation 2 years ago. 

I love perennial plants ~ put them in the ground and neglect them and they'll return every year.  I just wish I could control their blooming time.  BUT... since I have no control over the weather I'll enjoy them while I can.

It looks like it's going to be a plastic flower wedding. lol (just kidding Sara!)

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Your flowers are ALL so gorgeous as usual...wonderful eye candy.
    So glad you came with yesterday, to the Big Brook Greenhouse to feast over all of the semps and sedums. I had a blast. Now that they are planted, I am thirsting for more.
    Don't worry about the weather and the flowers for the wedding. It's still going to be gorgeous.

  2. Mel, your flowers are always beautiful, no matter what time of year. The wedding will be gorgeous. Can't wait!

  3. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful. I love apple trees and I think they are so pretty with lots of apples on them.

  4. Could you talk them into hopping the wedding up? Oh I bet you will have others blooming and it will be lovely. How do you have the energy to keep all this up?

  5. I feel your sadness. I'd feel the same way. ~sigh~

    But wow what a beautiful display they are blessing you with right now.

    I'm pea green with envy, my flowers are scrawny and haven't done worth a flitter this year due to the dry spell. Sooo, enjoy yours with an extra smile of appreciation from me that you shared your beauties with me here online. :) I hope that made sense?
    lol Maybe my flowers will grow a little now that it rained yesterday... I hope... ;)

    Thanks for the eye candy, it is yummy!!! :)

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  6. What a gorgeous spread!
    If the flowers are all gone on wedding day, you will get fresh flowers in the shop ;-)

  7. Beautiful captures, you have a lovely gardern, red day lilly is my favorite

  8. Nature never seems to cooperate!! I glad I am not the only one thinking things are blooming early. You could always get some annuals for the wedding a lot of places around here are having good sales.

  9. You might get some fillers in the sales but for now you sure do have some great eye candy.

  10. Beautiful flowers and captures.

  11. Ditto here in the Twin Cities! But the lushness makes up for the heat and humidity. Lovely photo album of your 'early' beauty.