old friends new friends~

Hi Jan H.

I had the most wonderful WONDERFUL meeting today with my new friends ~ who feel like old friends ~ that I finally had the privilege of meeting face to face ... my blogging acquaintances ~ Jack and Sherry from North Carolina.  I know some of my followers on my blog know their story; but if not... here's a little update.   They are a retired couple who are living the American dream of traveling the United States in their motor home (which by the way is beautiful ~ comes complete with 2 computers in it ... a his and hers ... so they can keep in touch with family and friends and check my blog everyday.. haha) 

They have stopped over in my neck of the woods, here in Park Falls, WI  for a few days and gave a shout out to come up to Hines Park and see them.  SO GLAD I DID

jack, me and sherry

Jack claims to be retired from the service; but I have a tendency to believe he's got some farmer in him ... because he sure likes to BS... lol. 

My daughter Sara also came along with me to meet them and she too enjoyed their company as much as I did.  Also, was my sister Darla and her hubby Bill and my nephew Syrus.  Jack was showing Syrus his "magic tricks" and I believe he left quite the impression on him.  You're a hoot Jack!

bill, jack, me, dar, syrus, sherry
(Sara is missing from the photo because she was the photographer)

Tomorrow we'll be meeting up again ~ so they can meet my Dear Hubby Slim.  Should be interesting.  I overheard Sara telling Sherry "just a heads up ~ my Dad swears a lot".  Mercy ...  sad ~ but true.  I've tried my hardest to train the man; but after 34 years of marriage ... what can I say??

This reminds me of a little story some years back when we were camping at Connors Lake. 

My hubby Slim and Dar's hubby Bill had potty mouths.  AND... back in the day the boys liked to tip a few beers down while on vacation ... and it always seemed that the more they tipped the worse the language.


My sister Darla and I had some family friends, from when we were kids, that were camping at the same time at the lake.  Neither of our husbands had met them before.  

They were two sisters named Mary and Betsy.

Sooooooooo ... I thought it would be a good time to pull one over on the guys... and maybe teach them a lesson.
Now... a little about me here before I go on.  I hate liars.  I hate it when someone out and out bold face lies to you ~ which I got accused of after this prank ... and my husband knows how I feel about telling lies ... so I think it was partially because of this too that this prank went over so well.

Dar and I talked with Mary and Betsy prior to them being introduced to the boys and they agreed to go along with  us on the prank.

When I introduced our friends to Slim and Bill I said, "These are the sisters.  Sister Mary and Sister Betsy."

All's fine and well.  It still didn't sink in with the guys.  
BUT ... as the day goes on ...

Every time that Dar or I would address Mary and Betsy ... we made sure that we called them Sister Mary and Sister Betsy (as if they were nuns)

Also, as the day went on ...
Every time that Slim or Bill would open their mouths and they used a potty word (I'll be honest ~ there was too much alcohol being consumed) ... we would give them such a glare and look and tell them to watch their language and to show some respect at least to the sisters. 

As evening was approaching  on DAY 2   ...   I walked over by the guys and STERNLY TOLD THEM....


You should have seen the look on their faces.  DUH !!!  

Like it finally hit them both at the same time.  Slim says, "You mean like sisters?  Like they are nuns??? You mean they are really sisters??"  Bill makes the comment " They ain't gonna get nun either."  (sorry... but like I said... too much alcohol)

The sisters, who were sitting on a bench near by, heard Bills comment and said their "Bless You's" and said they were heading back to their campsite for the night.  Oh my gosh!!!  The guys were sooooooooooo embarassed!!!  

Dar and I just made them feel like heels the rest of the night... but we still didn't let in on the joke that they were just plain sisters and had absolutely nothing to do with the Catholic faith and were by no means nuns. 

The next morning ...

The sisters are walking past our camp site and Slim calls them in.  He and Bill are apologizing and apologizing for their behavior the last two days and asking them for forgiveness. 

We finally let them know that it was all a joke ... but hoped a lesson was learned.  

That was when Slim said I lied.  well...
Technically, I didn't.  I introduced them as The Sisters (which they were) ... Sister Mary and Sister Betsy.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    I can't believe you would do that to anyone!!! LOL

    But this is for sure, it was a JOY to meet y'all and get personally acquainted. Thanks for the Jelly and the holder, it is great.
    What a high light and center piece for our trip. Two bloggers at once. We did that in Kentuck also with Debbie and her daughter Terri.

    We drove over the town of Park Falls and love it. The area is beautiful and the folks are nice an friendly. Of course the young man who gave me directions seemed to be stifling a laugh as I 'tawked' to him!!! hahahaha!
    Love you Mel and today was great.

    Folks, Mel is really a nice lady, no matter what impression you have had!!! LOL

  2. So nice all you bloggers got to meet and in such a pretty area.

  3. Glad you were able to mee some new blogging friends! I have a couple near me I want to meet with after hubby and I get back on schedule after and our healing up process is behind us.

    That story is too funny! Glad you had the "innerds" to follow through. I would have chickened out

  4. ROFL, this cracks me up every time I think about it...and so funny you mentioned this, cause, just last night after our visit, I told Bill, we have to share the SistersSisters story...and here it is. It is still the funniest. Every time I see Betsy and Mary we laugh about it.
    Our meeting Jack and Sherry sure was a pleasure wasn't it? Have fun showing them around today. They are the best!
    Will call you when we get back from Bill's appt.

  5. I love this post! Don't know which I enjoyed more, the pictures and the new friends or the story about the sisters!!

  6. Hi Mel, I came over from Jack's blog after reading his entry about meeting you & your sister. We had the pleasure of meeting Jack & Sherry in person last year and I will always cherish those memories. Jack & Sherry are wonderful folks and I'm so happy for all of you that you have this chance to spend some time together. Congratulations to your daughter on her upcoming wedding.

  7. Love your "sisters" story. I must really be weird, but cussing does not bother me in the least.Only words you know! Freedom of speech and all that and I don't need friends that are so easily offended. Oh well, to each his own.

  8. Too, too funny!!! Isn't it great how we become so attached to our fellow bloggers. I feel like I know some of you as well as I know my own family.
    Janet xox

  9. How great that you got to meet Jack and Sherry. Wish I could have been there.
    The Sister's story came back to me as if it had just happened. I remember we were camping there too when all that happened. It was hilarious.

  10. Happy Anniversary you two...
    34 yrs. is a heck of a long time.
    Congrats! Sure was a fun week!