time's a tickin'~

 Hi Jan H.

Goodness gracious... where is the time flyin' too? 

In less than a week ... my daughter is getting married out in our backyard.  Am I ready for this??????

I'm ready to see her being married; but what I'm not prepared for are the 200 guest we're expecting.    Why did I give my consent to them using our place for the the wedding and reception in the first place???  I must be nuts!  It sure would have been less stressful to have the wedding at church and rent a reception hall and leave all the prep work to others. 

I have been trying to keep a grip on myself.  You know how they talk about Bridezilla???  Well have you met MOMzilla yet?  Well here she is! 

This is going to be one doozie of week ... and I'm going to have to keep it in check so heads don't roll. 

I keep reminding myself ...
34 years ago (August 6) Slim and I did the same thing.  We got married at church but had the reception in the back yard of my parents.  Then for our 25th wedding anniversary, nine years ago, we did the same thing... another big party in the back yard for family and friends at our house.  So ... we do have a little experience in the back yard party planning ... and after each time I told myself ... I'm never doing that again.  BUT ... here we are again ... having another big back yard wedding!! 

It's a lot of work.  When I post pictures of the wedding next week I'll be the nearly bald headed gray haired lady who is collapsed against the tent pole being propped up by a bottle of MGD.

THANK goodness I have sisters who said they'd help!!!  You did say that ... didn't you???? Dar, Colleen, Cher, Linda???????!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. You're one brave girl. But if anyone can do it I'm sure its you. Good Luck!

  2. Oh, is that next weekend? Um, We had reservations at the Wolf's Den Inn in Baraboo...ummmm, we leave Thursday to celebrate Our 30th and Bill's 62nd, and my 60th. I better give Sara a call about the cake....

    Just kidding Momzilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sara's cake will be beautiful and delivered in time.

  3. Hey Sweetheart!!!!
    I know you will come through like a champ. Slim is there to hold you up!!! (maybe you will have to take time out to hold him up!!) What we saw of the preps looks good. But I cannot believe you are gonna string cloth over Slims tools & stuff to hide them. What do you think allthe men are coming for? A wedding? Ha! Dey Be's comin' to see Slims STUFF and his Trophies.(course you being one of the trophies). You are putting Sam's bear outside so everyone can see it, right?

    Sara and you both look like you have a perpetual smile. I know things will go off without a hitch.
    Sara is lucky to have you as a mom and I am sure she knows it.

    Love from Missouri, the Show me state. We are near where our second son was born, Kirksville, MO.

  4. Mel, the yard will be beautiful and the wedding will go off without a hitch. Can hardly wait to see pictures.