wedding pics

 I have the most wonderful family and friends!!

 here comes the bride

here comes the groom

Thank you to everyone who helped with the wedding and to all of those who attended to help us make this a special day for Sara and Don.  I was wondering if my yard could hold 200 plus people ... and guess what?  It did!!! AND each and everyone of you mean the world to us!!!!!

 The Cake
These are the sugar flowers that I was making and posting about earlier.  My sister Darla made the cake come to life.  It turned out beautiful~ thanks Dar for everything.

listening to every word

our granddaughters rolling out the aisle paper
me... being escorted down the aisle after the service by slim and pastor dietz

the best man... bill...don's brother ~ love the beer goggles!

some of the guests...hey porky...nice photo!!!

is that a tear?

I'm yours!!

a hug from daddy

maid of honor ... our daughter Staci

the party tent

My niece Darcie took a ton of photos of Sara and Don's wedding.  I think posting this link would be the easiest way to share them.


Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Going right over. I know they will be lovely.

  2. Nice pictures, and the weather seems to have cooperated. Hurray!! Now you can breathe again!

  3. Hey those are nice pic's. Loved the actual ceremony, but most of all I am glad you didn't make slim and Bill dress up! HooAH!!!

    Sara and Don looked so happy, but at the receiving line, I was looking at the proud mama! YOu looked like a giggly teenager. I know you felt a load lifted, the weather had cooperated, the minister showed up and both parties were there. They all looked happy about it all too!

    You did good! Congratulations to the planner (you) and all that helped. You alldid fantastic.

    Slim seemed a little sad passing Sara off to another man, but hey, he can take it. We pray the best FOREVER for the new couple.
    Love to you from the banks of the Missouri,
    Sherry & jack

  4. Mel, the wedding was absolutely perfect in every way. We were honored to be a part of it. Congrats to Don and Sara. Lots of love to all of you. "hugs" Sis, love more than you know.

  5. I heard one of Sara's cousins say how jealous he was of her beautiful garden wedding. He was wishing he had done the same.
    The entire day was perfect...and went off without a hitch. I think Daddy Slim was a bit overwhelmed.
    Our love and God's best to Don and Sara. They are a wonderful couple and remind me of our folks.

  6. Looks like you had a lovely day, mom and dad held up well, everyone looks so nice; what a wonderful memory you will have. I see a whole scrapbook centered around the wedding. Just lovely!

  7. Wonderful pictures and I will go over to see the rest. Looks like a lovely day. Now admit it , you are glad it is over but you did a bang up job.

  8. just great photos. I love to see weddings that aren't always held in a church. everything was beautiful. rose