it was a good thing~

This weekend was the Flambeau Rama festivities in our town.  It's an annual event with the carnival, parade, class reunions, etc... (my sister, Darla, has details of the parade on her blog)

I, however, didn't partake in anything but going to the Fireman's Tent last evening for a few margaritas and Mikes Hard Cranberry Lemonades.  BUT... they were a good few hours! 

The best part of it though was visiting with friends.  Some that I see quite often ... and some that I only see during the Flambeau Rama festivities.  Even though I don't see some of these friends on a daily basis ~ I was amazed to find out just how many mentioned that they follow me online ~ reading my blog :)  NOW... my request to these great people ... open up a blog so I can follow you!

I also received a wonderful surprise when I was checking comments on my blog this morning ~ Jack and Sherry  (I had to make a correction here.... I had Sherry's name put down prior as Shirley... my apologies... but Sherry... somehow you always come across as a Shirley to me) are going to be camping at the Smith Lake Campground, which is literally right across the river from me!! I'm so excited to be meeting them in person! 

When I was first introduced to online blogging a few years back I just didn't know if this was something that I wanted to do.  What would I write about?  Who cares what I do on a daily basis?  My life is pretty hum drum boring some days and sometimes it's down right depressing.  Although, sometimes it's so darn exciting I could just pee my pants!  So... I thought I'd give it a try.

What I did discover though was something that I wasn't expecting ~ friendship.

I have made so many wonderful friends through cyberspace.  Many who I know I will never meet personally; but know that they genuinely care about me ~ as much as I care about them!!

As Martha would say, "It's a good thing."

Also, last night, we had tickets to the Log Jam Festivities in Phillips ~ the town to the south of us.  They had a concert line up of some great country western stars ~

Because Slim had to get up at 4:00 am this morning for work ~ and I didn't want to go alone ... here we were holding these tickets that I paid $60 for at an auction (they were valued at $100 a piece).  I couldn't even pawn them off on my kids.  SOOOOOO....  I asked Randy L.  the announcer and DJ at the Fireman's Tent if he would ask anyone in the audience there if they were interested in the tickets to come and give us an offer on them.  Time was a ticking and there were no offers.

Then as we were getting ready to leave, because Slim forgot his wallet at home and we were running out of funds ... didn't even have enough dough on us to buy a hamburger before coming home ... we're walking out the gate and this gal comes up to us and asks if the tickets are legitimate and how much were we willing to take.

Slim told her ... make an offer.

She says, "well I only have $13 dollars on me; but my Mom and Dad will pay $100."  I asked her who would be using the tickets.  Her or her parents.  She said, "Well, I will be ...  if I can round up some more money before my mom and dad."  Slim then says, "Well I think an offer of $13 will be just fine.  It gives me enough money to go buy the little woman a hamburger before I take her home."  SOLD

As we were getting into our vehicle to leave ... that gal and her boyfriend were parked right beside us and they were getting into their vehicle to leave for Log Jam ~ very excited!! 

Dear Hubby and I went to McDonalds.  We found a quiet little booth ... literally had the place to ourselves because of all the festivities downtown ... and enjoyed our Angus burger to round off the evening before coming home.

"It was a good thing."

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. My oh my, what an offer generously accepted. So, did you kick him? At least you unloaded the tickets. Sounds like you had a great evening. We left after the kids headed to the carnival. Where did you find the margauritas? the arena? How on earth did I miss those?
    Isn't it exciting that Jack and Sherry are coming...can't wait to meet them.

  2. What a great post! And about cyber-friends, I agree with you. I was a reluctant blogger in the beginning, thinking it was such a challenge to talk about things that strangers would read. And then I realized that most of those readers weren't strangers, just friends I hadn't met, as the saying goes. Since then, I've met a few of those "strangers" in person, and what great fun it is! Enjoy meeting your buddies!

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  4. RE: Dar... NO I didn't kick him! I was thinking the exact same thing he was. I was happier giving those tickets to her than her parents ~ seeing her face was priceless. I would have given them to her for nothing. It was a win win situation. I got a burger with my honey and she got to see Gretchen Wilson.
    RE: Lynilu ... strangers, just friends I hadn't met ... how true!! Thanks for being my friend!!

  5. You know Mel, my guess is that girl will remember getting those tickets forever! So glad that you and slim were able to get that hamburger. Sounds like a great time was had by all.

  6. Amazing how someone's day can be made and a lifetime memory burned into their brain.
    That was a 'good thing' for Slim to do.

    We like to find a booth to ourselves and just enjoy the time.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys. I know we are going to enjoy this section of Wisconsin. So far this trip has been memorable. We have had a blast.

    Dar mentioned Hines Park. Sherry called and we are going to try to stay there. Dar says it is only a little piece to the 2-2-2 breakfast!!!!

    This will be the center piece of our trip! Love it.

    From Marquette,

    Sherry & jack

  7. How nice that Slim put a smile on a girls face without getting himself into trouble! :) JUST KIDDING BIG FELLA!!!
    And please tell Jack and Sherry that I would have loved to meet them as well, but as usual my timing sucks ~ BUT we are so looking forward to the upcoming wedding! Maybe you can talk them into extending their Wi visit until after the wedding :)