this is what it's all about~

My Grandlove asked me the other day ... "Grandma, what kind of day makes you happy?"

Days like this ~ sitting around the back yard with my family ... playing games and sharing stories ... making memories ...

and evenings around the fire pit ~

singing songs ... sharing stories

 making memories ...

and I like ducks! 
... as long as they are in the water and not walking and pooping in my yard.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Nice post. Aren't Grandloves the best? :)

  2. You are a gem, Mel. Having met you and part of your family we know this is a REAL entry.

    That looks so homey, and like family should be, every once in awhile. Ours is not often enough.

    This is a good entry the pictures and the narrative going along with them.

    Love from Colorado,
    Sherry & Jack

  3. Enjoy every minute you can. It looks like our family used to look to a certain extent but now there is no one left but me. I have my kids and lots of grand and great grandkids but here life is no where near it is when I was small. Thanks for the tip on the hens and chicks.

  4. Wish we could do that day and evening all
    over again, Mel. That was so much fun,
    and relaxing, except when Brooke and me
    were tumbling on the ground after she told
    me to "Bring it" ... I "Brought it" - and paid
    for it later -a reminder to myself, a 50 year old
    shouldn't rumble with a strong 6th grader!! rofl!

    I'm going to be playing my guitar a little more often.
    I enjoyed that more than you know... but like I
    said in the last entry...wish we could remember
    more of the words to the songs. Play them
    for Bailey so she can remember them for us!
    Next time I'm bringing the dulcimer up and
    we can play like we used to with Daddy....
    that would be sooooo cool.
    Start teaching Mom how to play it - (just a thought.)
    Later gator - love ya, me

  5. I love those kind of days too! And I love you and our families and our Lord for placing me in the middle of our big family... and I just love ducks and geese and ... pudding and ...

  6. Those kinds of days would suit me just fine!!!!!

    Janet xox

  7. What a wonderful, relaxing, and family memories making day! It's the kind of day I love too - when our family gets together and ends it with a "sing" around the campfire!

    Is that really your backyard? Looks like a national park from where I sit. Beautiful place and beautiful family.

  8. Mels computer is down and YES, that really IS her park-like back yard FRED...isn't she lucky?
    We do have some wonderful times. Sorry we missed this sing-along but I know how wonderful they are. We are all so blessed to be part of such a big, grateful family. We have all been blessed with one another., thanks to the folks giving us such a fine start.
    Did Slim sing Ruby?