birdman's revenge~

~ Image from the Internet ~

This image of the bird taking the mans hat is from the internet; but it reminds me of my brother in law Bill and a little prank I pulled on him one day.

Many moons ago ...

We were camping up on the Lake Superior shoreline with my sister Darla and her hubby Bill by Little Girls Point campground.  There are a lot of sea gulls in the area.  Our kids were young and they liked throwing bread for the birds... we did too, except for Bill.  Of course, we knew this and ALWAYS packed an extra loaf of bread or two with us in our camping supplies just for that purpose.

Now ...
Brother in law Bill has this phobia about birds.  He hates anything with wings.  I think it has to go way back in his psyche about being around chickens when they were butchered and would flop around with their heads chopped off when he was just a little boy.  One must have 'chased' him or something ... anyhooooooooo... here's big ol' burly Bill and he still to this day freaks out over birds.

Well ...
We're sitting around the campground one afternoon.  The gulls are flying over ... and the kids run to get the bread.  They weren't real close to us adults, sitting in the lawn chairs watching.  As the kids were throwing the bread up in the air, they were getting closer and closer to us and Bill kept saying, "that's close enough" or "go over that way further."  He was okay observing from a distance.


Bill is sitting there in his chair watching.  He has on his hat ... and I sneak up behind him and gently place a piece of bread on top of his head.  Unaware of what I did ... the sea gulls see me make this move and they start to swoop down on Bill ... and swoop and swoop and SWOOP ... getting a little closer every time ... and more and more gulls coming in with each swoop.

Oh ... if you could of seen the look on Bill's face ... and seen him run to the camper calling all kinds of nasty names at the birds ... seriously... FUNNY!! Oh how I wish I had a video of it.

I miss those fun camping days ...

and yes ...

Bill did get his revenge on me.

 One day we went up to the Turtle Flambeau Flowage to the Hiawatha Bar for a few drinks and sandwiches.  They used to serve the best hamburgers and fries there. It's closed down now.

Again .... anyhooooooo....

We get up to the Hiawatha Bar and they have a new totem pole erected down by their dock.  It's Darla, Bill, Slim and I ... and we go walking down by the dock to check out the totem pole.  I have on a dress and I'm not prepared for what happens next.

I'm standing there on the end of the dock, all pretty in my little sun dress and Bill walks up beside me and pushes me off the dock!  He's laughing and says, "that'll teach you for giving me to the birds!"  haha... okay Bill ... we're even.  Have you ever tried to swim in a sun dress ... not easy.  Of course I didn't have a change of clothes with me ~ so I get to sit at the end of the bar sopping wet until we went home.

It was all in fun ... and if the opportunity ever arises again to put bread on Bills head with sea gulls overhead ...  hello ... yes I'd do it again!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh such great family fun! I miss it! And Hiawatha bar/tavern sounds SO familiar to me. Wonder if I passed it. My brother-in-law's family has a cabin up past Park Falls somewhere that I've been to a few times...

  2. Sounds like you all have jolly good fun together.

  3. My poor Bill. LOL I laughed so hard reading this and reliving it all over again. Bill does have a phobia about our feathered friends. His Dad thought that he might have gotten jumped at by the Bantam Rooster they used to have when he was just a lil' kid. Either way, it stuck with him and to this day, still gets crazy nervous when one dive-bombs him. You are a rascal.
    The wet skirt incident was and still is, funny. The bartender didn't seem to mind you being 'all wet.' LOL

  4. How funny!!! I was at the zoo with my grandaughter several years ago and a peacock dive bombed me. My grand daughter told everyone that would listen how grandma almost got attacked. You all sound like a fun loving bunch.

  5. Your sister labeled you right, Mel. "Rascally" I think she said. How naughty of you to trick poor Bill like that. However - I think he paid ya for it. ☻ Ha. I know you all surely love one another or you wouldn't even be on speaking terms.

  6. WE all envy your family and it's closeness. If not nice Bill woulda shot you!!! LOL

    Then again with that skinning knife you might have done some damage after the dunk in the water.

    We know you guys have it rough up there, especially in the winter, but your family interaction is great. Most folk don't have that.

    Love and if this one dies somewhere, I will be back. hahaaha

  7. Mel you are so much fun to read I enjoyed your post and look forward to it. You do have a fun loving family. You take care, Jean

  8. Aren't you the wicked one? Paybacks are rough aren't they? You certainly were good natured about it. Way to go.

  9. Great fun...have some chuckles with your family!

  10. Cute story, Mel. Family members do get their revenge (sooner or later) for pranks pulled.

  11. Everyone who knows us knows the 'tease' gene flows through our family bloodline. Of all the camping trips we shared, wouldn't you know I had to miss that one. But I can sure picture it in my mind. I miss our camping trips too.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  12. Oh what a wonderful story, Mel... And I thought I heard Darla cackling all the way down here!!!!!! Poor Bill... I can just see him now---running away from those birds.... BUT--he did get you back, didn't he??? Bet you looked adorable in your little wet sundress!!!!!! Hmmmmmm...