i'm tired ~

Well I just figured out why I am so fat!! 
The shampoo I use in the shower often runs down my body 
and the bottle says, 
"for extra body and volume".

 I am going to start using Dawn dishwashing soap, 
that bottle says,
 "dissolves fat that is often difficult to remove"


What a day!

I feel like a chicken with my head chopped off.  Seriously, I'm running all over the place and can't seem to get a darn thing accomplished.  I just got home from town, grocery shopping and picking up my prescriptions that they weren't able to fill the other day when I was there because of half of them being expired.  So of course it meant faxing the clinic and getting my refills taken care of ... again.

Slim and I both have a calendar of appointments this month ... fasting labs, seeing our new doctor.  Slim needs to get fitted with some diabetic footwear... and I had to pick up a blood pressure monitoring thingie ma jiggy ...  ahhhhh the joys of aging.

When I was in the grocery store ... it literally made me sick.  I can't believe some of the prices!!

  I noticed when we were down in Texas by my sister, she only pays $1.28 for a gallon of milk, and she said a lot of times it's on sale for 99 cents.  We pay $3.59 for it ... and we're living in the Dairy State.  What's up with that? and cheese prices here start around $3.59 a lb.  

Turkey, which is supposedly a cheaper meat ... the average price for them was around $25.00 a piece.  Then they had a bin there of some for $12.87 of some off brand kinda bird ... makes you wonder?  Were they raised near a nuclear plant or something.  How can there be such a fluctuation in pricing? Of course I bought the $12.87 bird ... and if my voice changes and I start growing  chest hair in the next few months ~ I'm blaming it on that bird!
and ... bananas ... $.67 a lb.  Seriously... that's crazy ... and $2.00 for a head of lettuce and a buck for A cucumber!

We only have one grocery store in our town.  The next closest town with a grocery store is 20 miles away ... and that's a one grocery store town too.  We are so much in need of another store in town so some serious competitive prices can take place.  

I love living here up in northern Wisconsin; it's a beautiful piece of real estate Up North ... but it has it's drawbacks... such as shopping.  When we go out of town we carry a cooler in the back of our truck and stop at grocery stores and stock up ... how sad is that.  I'm just so sick of paying through the nose for EVERYTHING in this one horse town.

Phew... now that I got that rant off my chest ~ and don't even get me started on gas prices.

to frost my cake today ...

I locked myself out of my car!  

I need to go figure out how to use the new blood pressure monitor ... or maybe not.  This might not be the best time to learn how to use that.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Hey good looking, why don't you just say how you feel and quit beating around the bush!!!! hahaha

    I will do the gas prices for you, $3.59 for regular and Lord only knows the Diesel prices.

    Yeah sometime is it frustrating to shop in small towns. The only time is is good is for veggies in the Summer when the local folk are stocking the stores.

    Of course you guys grow your own and can a lot. Milk everywhere we have been lately is close to $4 a gallon. I know it is here. In the Hospital store it is $4.50

    I hope you feel better now, and I sincerely hope SPRING is around the corner and that the tale of in like a lamb out like a lion is WRONG!

    Love ya! Our Love to Slim also!

  2. You had me laughing!!! The shampoo/Dawn thing was a riot! Then the rant... Yes, my hubby LOVES when he sees Walmart have a .99 cent sale on milk. Sadly 2 out of the 3 times we've bought that "on-sale" milk, the sacker has neglected to give us that bag o' milk so it's paying .99 cents for nothing... I'd rather pay my $1.89 or so at my local grocer and actually be able to bring it home with me...

    Okay, but I digress...


  3. My shampoo says the same thing. Now I no my problem. To think I tried to eat less & exercise more. Prices are getting higher from week to week here. Milk a gallon is $4.29 & gas $3.39 a gallon. It went up 13 cents since last week. We travel 30 miles to the store one way. Really getting harder to buy extra to stock up when prices go up each week. I plan to grow more veggies & can this summer. Only a few packages of deer meat left. Soon all meat will be bought at the butcher shop. I like the new look of your blog. Blessings! Lara

  4. Hi Mel, Love that first statement... Guess I'd better quit using that shampoo also--and switch to Dawn... ha ha

    Our food prices are about the same here. We are in a small town and we are paying $2.88 at Walmart for 2% milk, 52 cents a pound for bananas, $3.00 a pound for cheese, etc. We buy our meats at Sam's Club --but even there, they can be expensive. It's horrible....

    And you are right. Gas prices will soon be $5 a gallon.... Scary!!!!!

    NO---don't take YOUR Blood Pressure today!!!! ha ha


  5. Oh Mel....we definatly are aging! The prices are horrible except of course by me, I haven't raised my prices in like five years. I just don't think I want to deal with the backlash from doing it, needs to happen though. Now youhave me thinking. Love ya...should have stopped and saw me! oxoxoxox

  6. We've already had a couple of camping cancellations for July due to what the price of fuel is now. I've asked how much reg gas is in Newberry and was told it was $3.59 so that means diesel will be about $3.89. We paid $3.69 for it here the other day...gonna be a costly trip to come back to da U.P! And we're paying $2.58 for a gallon of milk and bananas are 52 cents a pound.

  7. OMGoodness! My computer crashes and you are losing weight simply by choosing a different brand of shampoo. What is the world coming to? Oh well... Honestly, Mel, you are a riot! Thanks for the relief.

  8. You are one dear lady...just thought you might enjoy hearing that after a day like you had today.

    Seriously...I've locked myself out of the car only I had a friend along! :-) Every time we'd go shopping together after that she would ask me every time we got out of the car, "Do you have your keys?" :-)

    And, Mel, I am SO with you on the food and gas prices. Gas here went up 21 cents over night last week.

    We are still paying under $3 for milk, but we get it at a Kroger chain grocery store. Wal-Mart is MORE!

    I think I am going to go buy some Dawn dishwashing liquid...and not for doing dishes! ;)

    Hope you have a restful evening, friend.

  9. And now we know... what's been keeping our hair shiney has ended on our hiney. That was the funniest so I know you will survive another day cause you still have not lost your sense of humor.
    About locking your keys? Andy has a lock kit and the cops even have called him to unlock some ticked-off soul in a parking lot...Have a great evening...oh,yea, I bought a bag, one bag, and it cost me 40 bucks...good grief. No wonder we're cutting corners. And the gas.......geez...we may have to go back to riding a horse to town., not that I'd mind it 30 yrs. ago, but these ol bones haven't kept up the habit.

  10. I am definitely making a milk run to Texas. Our Walmart skim milk is $3.48.
    I have small town syndrome also but we do have decent groceries if you ignore the milk prices.
    Might be time to organize a grocery co-op buying club.
    Fun post,my spleen feels better via your venting.

  11. So using that shampoo is what is causing my weight. I was wondering about that hee hee. Sounded like you needed a rant which is fine. The peace you have in living where you do means a lot. Helen

  12. The shampoo story is wonderful!! That's what's wrong with my shape, too! LOL

    I feel your frustration when it comes to grocery (and other) prices. Seems to be no end to the increases. I'm on a fixed income but better off than some folks I know. I do not know how some families survive in this economy. It's a good thing I really like beans and cornbread.

  13. Mel, they take the milk from the Dairy State, truck it to the Lone Star State to be processed, then they have to truck it back. THAT'S why your milk is expensive!


  14. I thought our gas was high at $3.19. Oh it went down a penny today. Stay home and don't buy anything the day you try out your new blood pressure machine. Mine always says error.

  15. Food and gas prices are bad here too. So frustrating!!

  16. Mel - I believe what you bought was a 'turkey buzzard' at that so-called-lower-price. We went shopping the other day and commented on the shocking prices as we passed them by. Can't wait to get our garden planted!!
    'love & hugs from afar'

    OMG my verification word was 'bingedr' Are they trying to send me subliminal messages now???? ARGH!!