This morning ...
there were 3 pine (red) squirrels chattering up a storm ...  as if to say, "quit looking at me!"

If I hold really still ... maybe she won't see me.

Rats! She spotted me.

 I don't think she sees me?
Nope .. she doesn't see me ... just hold really still ... maybe she'll leave us alone.
She's still looking at me!
Hide your face!!! She can't see you then!
Oh no ... now she's looking at me!

Quick ... run for your life!
I can't !!  She's still looking at me!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I love to watch squirrels and find them cute and entertaining -- as long as they are not digging up my plants or hogging all the bird seed. :) I enjoyed your photos.

  2. Great pics of those noisy little chatterboxes!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  3. Yes, the squirrels do carry on such conversations - I'm sure of it! ☻ Thanks for posting these photos.

  4. Oh Crap(pie)! another person who talks to and understands Animals!!!! hahahahahahahahahaah

    Of course I would expect no less from a person of the North Woods.

    Love the pictures I always get to watch squirrels when I am not hunting them, then I never see them. hahahahahaha!

    I know, up there you you guys have bigger 'fish' to fry. I know I've been in your house and saw what is left of them!!! Bear, deer, caribou, elk, Moose,and I am sure Slim had an elephant there, I just missed it. hahaha

    Love you girl, hope you are feeling well. Give our love to Slim and the rest.

  5. Yours are so pretty! We don't have the white bellied ones here - just orange bellied! :)

  6. Hey TexWis, those red bellied squirrels are probably fox squirrels...we see them at our sis' in TX.
    Fun post Mel...great day for Squirreling in the Sunshine...hmmm I'll have to take you to EC next time to shop 'our' kinda shopping.

  7. The squirrel pictures are so precious.

  8. Great pictures. I had no idea that squirrels were so shy.

  9. I just love those superior little athletes. What an adorable series of photos. I don't have one on my property and really miss watching them.

  10. Love these photos...and the talking...I can just hear them saying those things to each other.

  11. Great photos...I had a couple of them scampering around here today too!

  12. Cute creatures & story. You took some awesome photos. Blessings!

  13. Hi Mel, Today must be "Squirrel Day" in the USA... Yours is the 2nd squirrel blog post I have been to today...

    Cute pictures.... I just wish those guys wouldn't dig in our flowerbeds or eat the Rhoddy buds... grrrrrr..

  14. I Mel, I loved your blog. I love watching squirrels scampering around and playing this time of year. They seem so funloving, and cheerful. They are commical indeed. Great captures of the little rascals. Makes me smile.
    Dianne :)