chihauhau ~image from the net
Isn't this Chihuahua a cute little bugger?  It's a long haired miniature Chihuahua that's not much bigger than a soup can when it's fully grown.  When we were in Texas at the Grand Praire flea market ~ there was a guy  giving them away for free.  I can't tell you how close I came to bringing one home with me.  Now... I have never been a Chihuahua fan ... I've always had big dogs; but these long haired miniature Chihuahua's sure were cute.  When I told my kids about it when I got home, Sara said it was a good thing I didn't get one because I'd forget where I put it and would lose it.  haha ... probably true though  Plus ... it probably would have went into cultural shock going from a Spanish speaking family to an English speaking one.  Also, I would hate to think about the greeting it would have gotten from the big lumox Rambo.  I'm sure he would of liked it ~ but more than likely would have grabbed it ... tossed it up in the air like a throw toy and that would have been the end of that ...

Remember Rambo?  That quiet, shy, timid little pup with the bum leg that we took in last summer?

Well ...

Look at him now!

We figure he's just about a year old now.    He's a big ol' boy ... and runs all over the place like he owns it.

Our old dog, Brandy is really starting to show her 13 1/2 years of age ...
She's losing her hearing and her sight... poor little pooch ~ but she's had a good life ... and I know her days are numbered.

I'm sure Brandy is waiting for warmer weather like we the rest of us ~ ready for some nice long naps in the sunshine :

ahh ... the trials and tribulations of owning a pet ... seeing them get old ... and knowing that they won't always be with us

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh, sweet Brandy... My little yellow lab, Marigold, is almost 13 1/2. Went to the vet for her annual shots, etc. today. She struggles with arthritis and enlarged liver/spleen. We've spent a small fortune on her all these years for tests and meds. But she's the closest thing to a daughter I'll ever have. She's my girl... :)

  2. Rambo looks as though he has no trouble getting through the snow! Brandy is a sweet girl. Warm weather will come soon. Brandy will be able to lay in the warm sun soon.

  3. That is a cute little Chihuahua. My cats would have him for breakfast and wouldn't even have to pick their teeth! :)

    My cats are 8, 9, and 10 (almost 11) years old, and all are healthier than I. Some days I can't decide if I want to outlive them; other days I know I do, because I can't stand the thought of them missing me -- and they would.

    I hope warm weather comes soon for your Brandy girl.

  4. That would have been very hard to leave one of those pups behind! But you do have others at home and from the size of them, they'd have stomped the little one flat! I know how hard it is when our "kids" get old. We still miss Chewy and Nick something fiercely!

  5. Aww, you should have taken the puppy. I had a 2.5 pound long haired Chi that I adored. She lived quite nicely with a great dane whom she bossed around.
    Rambo has really grown into a handsome fellow.
    I can relate to Brandy. Warm weather will help those bones.

  6. Your pups look so sweet! It's hard to see them age, isn't it? I can't imagine not having my furry friends, but I know at my age, I will not likely replace any of them. But until then, they make my world complete. :)

  7. The little doggie is very cute and generally speaking, they boss the big dogs around! My doggie Casey is also 13 1/2 and has some trouble getting around too. I have depended on her for such a long time, I just hate the thought of losing her.

  8. I know what you mean. My 3 are getting older and have problems that come with age. Breaks my heart.

  9. That tiny pup is so cute. Your big furry fellow is a handsome one. Blessings! Lara

  10. I used to have the pep of Rambo but now I'm more like Brandy ~ Just waiting for a sunny spot to take a nap in.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  11. HI Mel, We are home after being gone a few days to celebrate George's birthday. Came home to find some snow here... Yuk!!!!

    I hate it when dogs get old. It's just so sad. My Duchess lived for almost 15 yrs. When she died, I grieved for a long time...

    Your babies are adorable..

  12. Darling puppy...however, I'm sure you made the right choice! Rambo looks like "Rambo" now...ready to take on the world. And sweet Brandy...just love her!

  13. Is Rambo a hound breed?. He looks so much like out beagle or a basset hound we had a few years back. Strike that, a bunch of years back. We have always had 2 dogs until we lost our last 2 to old age and our little one a heart attack. I know I have shed buckets of tears over the years. Now we just hope we outlive Spunky cause he is so spoiled.

  14. Hey, how did I miss this entry? Love the dogs and you have some great shots of them. Ah, Brandy, such a sweet dog. Easy to fall for I liked the dog as soon as we met.

    I hope the snow is about gone for the year, we went down to the motor home and it said, please come back home. Sherry said I miss my bed. Yep we will head back soon to the motor home.

    Take care over there.

    Love ya!!!