brain cells are slushing up~

It might be spring-like weather somewhere ~ but not here in northern Wisconsin ...

We're sitting in that 8-12" range for predicted snowfall by tomorrow morning.  Yippee!  I knew we put the shovel away too soon.  Now I have to go and dig it out of the shed and get it closer to the door once again... so I can trudge through the snow and slush and whatever else may get dumped on us in the next 24 hours.

Day before yesterday, when Dear Hubby and I were carrying the shovels into the shed; he was telling me it was too soon ... I hate it when he's right.... grrrr....  I made the smart aleck remark that if we did get anymore snow ~ it would probably just be a dusting or so ... yes ... it's a dusting coming our way ... about a foot's worth of it. 

I just love winter!  I hope it never goes away!  I don't want to see grass and have to deal with mowing it ~ I hope it stays below 40 degrees for the rest of the year.  I don't need to plant a garden or see pretty flowers where all this snow sat covering them up for the last six months ... no ... not me ... I LOVE winter.

Do you think my reverse psychology worked?  Did my brain just fall for it?  Help?  I'm losing my mind!!  I think my brain cells are freezing ... and turning to slush. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. LOL, I know, NOT FUNNY~
    Hang in there Mello, it won't stay for long. The weekend is predicted in the upper 30's, good sap-running weather for the maple syrup producers. We plan to go to our family syrup makers and see what's happening...they are cooking off already.
    BlessYourHeart and KeepYouHeadOutOfTheSnow

  2. I feel your pain. Enough is Enough! I want to go back to Arizona. What a way to begin retirement.

  3. I would be praying for you , if I wasn't laughing so much. hahahahahaha

    I certainly hope the reverse psycology works, and the weather-guesser is WRONG. Ahhh, Maybe in a nice warm house, with lots of room, with a warm fireplace or stove or with.... nah, I still like warm weather and green grass and someone else cutting it. (The RV'er in me talking.)

    Our last snow here Dar said it would be gone in a week, trying to make me feel good. But here it is two weks later and in fact it is gone. BUT it is still cold. I know it is cold in the north woods. I hope you donot have to use the snow shovel, I know IT IS TIRED!

    Love you girl of the North Woods.

  4. So sorry Mel, I know that most of the country is enjoying Springlike weather. I guess it is a matter of time;) I bitch all winter long and I don't think we have that much cold weather, but I hate it. I know you don't like summer much, but a nice warm Spring would be good for you!

  5. Funny--but not so funny, Mel... I'm sorry to hear your latest news... I just posted a "Spring" blog post here today... You may (or may not) want to view it... ha ha

    Since you still have winter, why don't you celebrate Christmas AGAIN???? (Not funny either!)

  6. Don't forget to bring the sled close to the door too - ND THOSE SNOWSHOES while you're there! ☻

  7. You do with your shovels the way I do with my warm clothes and coats. I ALWAYS put them away too soon.
    I really hope your "I love winter" fake out works.

  8. You are having a long winter with all that snow. We're in the 80's here and have the air conditioner on. Lol.

  9. I am glad I am not the only one living this winter nightmare. Misery loves company.

  10. Sorry you lost that round about the shovel. I don't even own one. John does but he probably doesn't know where it is. We would be in a heck of a mess if it came a big old snow here.