~this is why we take the bird feeders down from the deck in the summer ... and why I lock the sliding door

I had to go to town this morning ~ on the way I saw 2 young yearling bear and a young wolf. 

These are some older pics that I have; but still thought I'd share.

A few years back we had this big fella sitting on the edge of the yard sunning himself ~ we named him Bruno

There was the momma with five cubs a few years ago too ... in the tree right outside the bedroom window ~

Same bear we had the early pictures of ... later on in the fall.  Four of the cubs survived.

and another young momma with babies a few days later up another tree in the yard ...

and let's not forget 'ShaggyAss' ... I don't know why he looked like he did :(

There was also this young bugger ... who came around all hours of the day ... checking things out.  I was sitting on the deck one morning, having my coffee, and he came across the yard and started up the steps ... until I let out a yell that he was close enough!

Yes, I LOVE living in the woods ~ being up close and personal with God's creatures.  We've had all kinds of critters in our yard ~ bear, bobcats, porcupines, even fox to name a few that have even ventured up the steps and on the deck looking in the windows and checking us out.

The woods is their home ... just as it's ours.  We respect their territory as we hope they'll respect ours.

Until next time ...

So it goes in my neck of the woods.



  1. Mel, thank you for those great pictures and the colorful descriptions you add. You are truly the most amazing person to be so calm with all the critters around. I loved the farm but yours is so much more a free style of living with all the animals that are in those woods. I truly would probably not venture out of the house if I lived there but I sure would be watching them.

  2. i'm not sure i'd like to be quite THAT close to nature. :)

  3. The cubs are so cute. I bet a mom has a hard time making enough milk for all those babies. That one did great to raise 4 out of five. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Helen

  4. amazing Mel, love the pictures of the critters in your area, don't know just how comfortable I would be with one climbing the steps with me on the deck. You guys do live an interesting and exciting life. Wild critters? I'm sticking to trapping mice as they sneak into the motor home. haha!

    Love you girl, always enjoy the visits, 'Up North with Mel'. This blog was a treasure I found on the internet, and wholly by accident I think. Good on me though!!!

    From our tame mountains, jack & Sherry!

  5. Truly enjoyed your post. Great photos! Miss all the wild life that was around us when we lived in Kodaik Alaska. But we had a go round where we live now with Raccoons a couple years ago...tore up our Great Dane pretty good. They are so cute BUT so mean!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Awww those cubs are sooo cute. Wouldn't you just like to have a bear hug?

  7. RE: Thank you everyone for the comments. Paula ~ I'll pass on that bear hug! They stink. Seriously, you can smell a bear before you see it. We're careful not to let any food or garbage sit around because of them and the racoons and skunks. When we grill out I always clean the grill REALLY GOOD after using it; but it also makes me leery of them coming too close sometimes.

  8. Awesome! S.A. bear reminds me of the bear in the movie "The great outdoors"..... only with a bottom problem :)
    Have a great weekend!!
    And, thanks for sharing your pictures with us!!

  9. A great many bear you have had over the years, Mel. I'm sure if we ever lived at the cabin for any length of time, we might see as much just over the river and through the woods from you.
    Nice entry girly. Love the collages.

  10. As much as I like admiring nature, my porch would be a little too close for comfort. A zoom lens would be quite close enough. Great images!

  11. Beautiful pictures. We have bears around our cottage also. I do the same thing with the patio door. Only our patio door is in the bedroom. I put a stick in the track, that if he did accidently push in the screen, the door would only open about a foot. I don't need him in my bedroom in the middle of the night ;)

  12. You live in a very nice place! Ever thought of opening a B & B??

  13. Wow, you do live in the backwoods! Some neighbors you have. Very interesting. Loved the photos.

  14. Mel, you are living the ideal life. What a site to behold all the animals in their natural habitat - and not behind bars eating roasted peanuts. ☻ I saw tracks today: bear, coyote, hog and deer - plus spotted a turkey hen with two chicks. My friend Ed and I went to the cabin and rode the mule around the mountains for about three hours. It was a great day!

  15. You are so lucky to have such a variety of wildlife and get the up close and personal touch.
    I know it had to have hurt the fellow when it happened, but I did have to laugh at poor ole Shaggy Ass. Don't suppose it was bear pattern baldness.
    Arkansas Patti

  16. Too close for comfort - I'll stick with watching the new fawn in our yard.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  17. I love how you do your collages! Around where I live they shoot the bears when they come around - makes me so mad.

  18. Yes can see that there is something beautiful about life in the woods.. Still having a bear knock on my door might make me a little concerned.....Rosemary