run around~

These last few days have definitely been run around days for me. 

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment with the cardiologist in Marshfield, which is a 2 hour drive from here.  My mom was going to ride along with me for company ... and I forgot to pick her up.  I heard all about it from her this morning, when I stopped in from my other  appointment in town this morning for another mammogram.   I had to stop this morning to see if she wanted to ride along with me again tomorrow to Marshfield, because I have to go back for another heart test.  A test they wouldn't administer yesterday because ... drum roll... I didn't have a driver! Mercy... I swear ... is my head still attached?  Then I have to go back down there again next week for another appointment and biopsy on my thyroid.  Between the heart, the throat, the boobs and aching fibro this isn't turning out to be the best of days.  Oh well ... what 'cha gonna do.

My kids sure do know how to perk me up though ... most times.

I received an email from Staci asking "what's for supper?"  She said that she was on a picnic by Solberg Lake and found these plants and was wondering if I could identify them.  Here's the photo she sent me:

Now wasn't that thoughful ... sending me a pretty little picture of weeds on a plate to identify for her. LOL  I don't why ~ but I just love that picture.  The dirty fork and all.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. oh, i wish i was 2 hours away from marshfield!!! i'd pop in to see my sister!!! she even works at the Clinic there (whether you're going to the Clinic or St. Joe's Hosp. for tests...)

    i do hope all tests go well and good lord you're a mess! :) just tried to make you laugh!

  2. I posted earlier - but it didn't show up here. So here goes again.

    You are an example of a good positive attitude, Mel. I love that you took time to identify the plant for your daughter.....was it "weeds"? I had to smile.

    Sounds familiar to me about the doctors appointments because of many trips I make with Frances!

  3. I'm sorry, I couldn't help smiling when you said you forgot to pick up your mother and then your... drum roll. If I didn't make notes, I'd forget everything. Heck, I even have to leave notes telling me to look at my notes. Yes, it's that bad. Forgive me, but glad I'm not the only one.

  4. Mercy Child, as I was saying this morning, glad you stopped in at the farm to explain yourself. LOL. You make my day.
    As for your plate lunch, looks 'vetching' Oh, Fetching...Crown Vetch is the purple stuff...and is that the leaf of the Yellow Wood Sorrel?

  5. Hope everything comes out well for you. Don't forget your mother next time because you know the rest of us wouldn't do that. Just kidding and its nice she is close enough to go with you to keep you company. Take good care of yourself and keep the good attitude.

  6. Hi Mel, I hope all of your tests come out okay... You and Dar both have serious health problems, don't you? YET--both of you are so active ---and don't allow your health to get you down. I admire that about you... God Be with you, my friend.

    I might lose a little weight (which I need to do) if someone put that plateful of weeds in front of me for dinner.. ha ha


  7. RE: EVERYONE~ thank you for your well wishes. I'm not overly concerned about anything. I have a new primary doctor and he's just ordered up a slew of test for me to undergo as precautionary measures. Truthfully, I think he wants to buy his wife a new horse or camel (just kidding).

    I had 3 stents placed 5 years ago and they want to check the blood flow around them so I'm having a drug induced stress test done today. That's the test I need a driver for; because it always leaves me really shaky feeling afterwards.

    It'll take more than a lack of blood and oxygen to knock this horse down:)

  8. Goodness, I'd say you were a bit distracted. I did have to laugh though at forgetting your Mother.
    Hope you get all postitive news with your tests
    Arkansas Patti

  9. How sweet are those plants looking on that plate! Lol! Could you identify them .. ??
    Besides this, I'm sorry to now about the health problems your going through.Get well soon .
    Are You Health Conscious?
    Find out if you take your own health seriously enough.

  10. Sending you best wishes that all tests confirm that you are well, and healthy!
    Take care of yourself and keep up the positive attitude :)

  11. My pet peeve is when you have an appointment card with you to prove you have an appointment, and they say, you don't have an appointment cause you are not in the computer. Show the card and she says well can you come back another day. I did get my coumadin checked. A little thick but he doesn't want to change anything and see if it works out. Do not forget your mother.