strawberry goosefoot~

strawberry goosefoot
I have been trying for some time to identify this plant and I finally found out what it is.

According to Wikipedia it's scientific name is Chenopodium capitatum, Blitum capitatum or more commonly known as Strawberry Blite, Strawberry Goosefoot, Strawberry Spinach, Indian Paint, and Indian Ink.  It is native to most of North America throughout the United States and Canada.  It's also found in parts of Europe and New Zealand. 

I'm going to call it by the name given of Stawberry Goosefoot.  If you look closely at the leaves they resemble that of a goose's webbed foot.

Flowers are small, pulpy, bright red, resembling strawberries and I found out are also edible, tasting like spinach.   The juice from the flowers was also used as a red dye by natives.  When we were kids we used to rub the fruit on our fingernails and pretend we just had them polished ... this stuff used to grow wild all around the farm yard.  Mom always called it the finger nail polish weed ... and I knew that wasn't it's name; but that's what she called it. We never ate it ~ just played with it.

The greens, I found out are also edible raw or cooked like spinach.  If eaten raw though, they are suppose to be eaten in moderation as they contain oxalates; which apparently are a calcium compound found in kidney stones ~ so I'll stick with the cooked.

I haven't tried eating it yet ... have you?? Let me know.


I've been busy in the kitchen ... jammin' again.

Over the last two days I made a batch each of Strawberry, CranApple, Blueberry, and Raspberry Jam.

Look at these cranberries ... aren't they pretty~

BUT ...

Look at them now ...
cooked down with fresh apple slices, sugar and pectin ... 


I just LOVE the brilliant color and flavor of this jam.  No other additives like food coloring were added ... the color is just from the skins of the cranberries.  I wish our computers had smellavision ~ and you could dip a spoonful from the kettle ~ yum... the aroma from the cranberries and apples together is breathtaking and so delish!!

 Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. It all looks delicious I'll tell you , even the Stawberry Goosefoot. I am always a little reluctant to try something in the wild, using my memory of what someone said, I might be eating something thinking it was the right stuff, and it not be.

    I do like to eat the things I am familiar with in the wild. I even tried cooking grass once, didn't work too well. haha

    That is RED! amazing there is no coloring in it, I know Slim thinks you are handy to have around!!!!

    Love you sweet lady!!!
    jack & Sherry

  2. What an amazing plant! I've never seen one here in Utah. I wonder if they grow here ......hmmmm.
    Delicious looking jam! I'll bake a loaf of bread and be right over : )
    Hope your week is a great one.

  3. Strawberry Goosefoot, eh? I think (yes, think)I have seen it in our mountains, but not that much of it. I'm going to keep my eye out for it as I roam around these hills. I'll let you know if I find some. Now I prefer those jams and jellies your making with cranberries and strawberries. What a great cook you must be!

  4. Yes, Fred, Mel is a great cook, baker, canner, and camp cook. We will keep her.
    Now I know what plant you were talking about...the nail polish plant. It was fun growing up with Mama and Dad as nature guides, wasn't it? I did not know tho, that the plant is eatable. Not gonna try it tho.
    Look at you just a jammin' again. You put me to shame.

  5. I am with Dar on the eating plant but it is so different. I would love to have that plant along with my Umbrella plant. Best of all is that delectable cooked up fruits. I still get hungry every time I see your food.

  6. That jam looks delish.

    We have strawberry blite here too. I've nibbled on the leaves just to try them.

  7. The cranberries look sooooo good! Love the pics of the strawberry goosfoot. I haven't seen it in my neck of the woods but will keep my eyes open for it. I remember doing the nail polish thing.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. Hello, We are home from our wonderful trip... We loved it --but there's nothing like HOME.

    YUM---that CranApple jam looks so good. My Mom used to make Crabapple --but don't think she ever put apples in them....

    Love your Strawberry Goosefoot... Have never seen that before.