friday already~

This week sure went fast for me.  I haven't even been that busy ... just playing short order cook each morning making breakfast ~ then having a good lunch ready for the guys when they come in from the woods.

They have been cutting and hauling wood out to the road for the logging truck to pick up.  They already had one truck load hauled and have about five more to go.  The row is long; but low ... easier for them to do it that way with Eric's small tractor.  I guess it doesn't matter ... just as long as they get it out there for the trucker:)

It's a small time logging job.  The neighbor had a lot of poplar trees on his property that he wanted removed.  So with my son, Sam and hubby, Slim, cutting and my brother Eric with his tractor and jammer to haul it out ~ the process has been moving right along.  Their next project is going to be the woods between our place and my Mom's.  We've had a LOT of wind and tornado damage the last few years that needs to be cleaned up.

I have a plant that I'm trying to identify.  I like to know what's growing in my woods and I just can't seem to find this one in my researching.  Anyone know what this is?


I have a mud turtle that has taken up residency in the black lagoon.  So far, it hasn't eaten the goldfish ... but I've been tossing little bits of dog food in the water for him to eat ... so hopefully he'll leave the fish alone.

We took a ride over to the neighboring town of Minocqua last night ... for a Walmart/Walgreens/Trigs run.  Looking for a watch band for Slim and to buy some grapes and bread. LOL  Seriously, a 45 minute drive and that's what we bought.  Grapes and bread ... we never did find a watch band.

We did stop in at El Mezcal for supper and we each had a beef chimichaunga.  Slim also had some fried ice cream for dessert.  I had one bite of that ... I knew it would throw my blood sugar out of whack if I had any more.  Surprisingly, Slim's blood glucose reading wasn't even bad last night.  Go figure!

My guts were on fire on the ride home ... it must have been the hot salsa that I ate with some tortilla chips. My stomach was so upset I was popping grapes like tic tacs to get something cooler in it to settle it down.  I can handle spicey foods; but not last night.  I probably should have eaten more of that ice cream.

So ... that's about it.  Nothing much exciting going on around here.  The garden is planted, waiting for some rain, my strawberries got planted yesterday ... and they already have blossoms on them.  I hope they handle the transplanting okay being so late.  I put in only 12 plants that my daughter had given me.

Have a great day my cyberspacers!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. That plant looks like Sarsaparilla by looking at the flowers.

  2. My ears perked up at the reading of the word turtle. lol It looks different then mine.

  3. RE: Cicero Sings ~ THAT'S IT! Thank you!!

    RE: Paula ~ I knew I'd have you at the word turtle. :) I'm using your idea too of feeding it dog food. So far it's working ... my fish are still intact:)

  4. Wild Sarsaparilla is right. We have a lot of it in our woods too. Love your turtle. Is he using the Turtle Crossing? Have a great weekend Mel. Looks like the guys are haulin' a**.

  5. Hey, they're giving away Prilosec on the pharmacy counter at Park....thought you'd like to know. They fit just perfect in your pocket cause I know you don't carry a purse.

  6. Spicy tears me up, I can't do it. Good luck to the loggers. Looks like a pretty big job!

  7. Mmm...Chimichaungas! Just like me to go straight to the food! Are the skeeters eating up the guys in the woods; cuz they about carried me away last week.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. That is an impressive pile the men have stacked. Feed them good they are working hard.
    No help on the plant but it looks like it has been identified.

  9. What a lovely blog you have. Your life looks very similar to our life here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Your blog is beautiful and put together so nicely. How did you learn how to do this? I'd love some hints. Thanks, Brenda

  10. Thank you for the cheer up commment. Joe is so funny when it comes to wake up time. He comes out every morning at 9:00 sharp. I can not lay in bed much past 5. The hips kick up and I have to move.I love your blog and Dar's to. I posted a picture on my blog a few minutes ago of the mystery bulb, It looks like it is going to bloom.

  11. First of all, yes you should have had more fried ice cream!!!! And lucky you getting a chimi! I LOVE chicken chimi's!!! I don't have a clue to that plant in the someone growing you some weed???

  12. I say it over and over, you guys can and will do most anything. Slim is looking good! When I first saw the wood I thought it was fire wood again!

    Oh the plant is Poison Ivy! (?????) Well better safe than sorry. Making a story teller out of me, I just said in my blog that you knew every plant and bug in the forest!!!

    Take care of yourself, the meal sounded good, sorry the stomach BURN though. Love ya Girl

  13. Greetings,
    My first time at your blog....Found you from shipslog....I used to live in Medford as a child and then moved. I think Park Falls is somewhere near Medford, if I remember....Long time...Moved several times.
    I now live in the Piedmont Triad of NC....
    Wisconsin is a great state, but the cold is not a friend of mine anymore....
    Thanks for letting me lurk....
    Sandy in NC

  14. Hi Mel, Just stopping by to say HI... We're in Oklahoma tonight... Having a great trip so far.

    I ate something horribly spicy the other night ---and actually had to send it back. They were nice about it --but I'll never order anything that spicy again (even though I didn't know if was HOTTER than Hades)... ha ha


  15. What a great bunch of wood cutters you've got! It is a hard job, and back-breaking work. I'm very impressed with their progress. I love spicy food... but sometimes, it doesn't love me back. Fried ice cream sounds divine.
    Looks like you have been pretty busy to me. Hope that you have a quiet and restful weekend :)