another fairy ~

What up with the fairy post?  Yesterday I turned Lily and Bailey into little lawn fairies ... with their pretty little smiles and butterfly wings ~

and now today I went and cropped my daughter Staci out of this photo and  ...

... and turned her into a nymph of glitter and glitz.

This is the second woodland nymph pic that I did of Staci.  You might recall this picture that I did a while back of her ~ morphing and blending her into a tree trunk.

I feel obsessed lately with the whole fairy scene.  I can't wait until next spring to make something on the line of this for my garden.

A fairy house ~ this one shown is for sale right now on Etsy for the fantastic price of $75,000!!! Can you believe that - 75 Thousand Dollars.  For that price it better have working plumbing.  Seriously, I'm watching it to see if it sells.  If it does ... I'm thinking of a whole new line of business :) that I need to consider getting in to.

Not much is happening around here other than my dreaming of things to be ...

So far, knock on wood, we haven't been hit with the big snow storms that went through the state.  Most of that hit to the south and north east of us ... dumping up to a foot of snow in some places.  We just got a very light dusting of it ... no accumulation to speak of ... yet.  I know it's coming ... but it can take it's time as far as I'm concerned. 

Tomorrow, I'm taking a Walmart run with Sara to return my coffee maker.  I dug the book out on it to see if I could find something out in the 'trouble shooter' section and I came across the receipt from when I bought it.  It has a 2 year warranty on it.  I purchased it 12/06/09.  Talk about cutting it close!

I wasn't going to replace it; but now that I found that receipt it's just foolish not to.  Besides that ... it's really kind of a pain in the butt to make coffee the old fashioned way perking it on the stove and having it boil over and getting coffee grounds stuck in your teeth, and burning the taste buds off your tongue from the HOT boiling brew .... if you know what I mean.  I forgot about all those (un)pleasant little tidbits of making coffee like that.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Your fairy transformations are amazing! I love them!

    You'd be crazy not to take that coffee maker back!

  2. Your daughter makes a lovely nymph. You do beautiful work. I can't believe the price tag on that fairy house. Utterly amazing. Besides plumbing, it better have gas, electric, air conditioning, wi-fi, cable... you catch my drift. LOL We had flurries here all afternoon. The heavy stuff is out there biding it's time. Did you luck out or what? Saved the receipt. Yippee a new coffee pot. Don't you love warranties? Take care.

  3. So glad you found the receipt on the coffee-pot. Now is the time to get that Coleman drip-o-later which you can use on the stove top or on the camp stove! Your picture morphing skills are tremendous. (Fred)

  4. you're getting crazed now, dear mel! must be winter madness!

  5. I agree on the new business (If that one sells). I love the playing around you do with the photo's. A great job with the kids and Staci.

    So I ain't the only one who forget the pot on the burner and lets it boil over. Yeah I prefer the newer makers too.
    Love from downhere!

  6. You are very good with your photo enhancing!!! Looks like you really enjoy it too!! Hope the coffee keeps perking!

  7. Great job on the scrap page! Good catch on the coffee pot. Have a good shopping trip.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. Wow, good thing about the coffee pot. My things all break down about one month after the warranty is up!

    Can't believe the price of that fairy house. Good grief.

    Just read that on your side column about the earrings ... too funny.