granny panty fitter ~

DREAMS - where do they come from?  
What is it that takes your subconscious  mind to the unknown?

Why do "I" have the weirdest dreams imaginable????
Night before last ... 

I had a dream that involved me, my doctor that delivered my son ~ whom I'll refer to as Doc T. in this post and a whole bunch of young pregnant women.

The dream ...

All across the nation these babies are being born with a strange marking on their little heads.  It looks sort of like a peace sign.  

Some people are referring to these strange markings as a signal of some sort ... a sign from God ... a revelations of something that is to come.  The media, newspapers and television, are going crazy.  Doctors are just befuddled ... what does this mark on all these newborns heads mean?

Then ...
My great doctor, Doc T. figures it out.  Yay!!! I knew my Doc T. was a brilliant man!!

The mark is a PRESSURE MARK ....

FROM -  
drum roll ...  drum roll ....



The media goes nuts!  
Doc T.'s face is all over the TV and in newsprint.  
He's FAMOUS!! 
Everybody knows who he is for solving this mystery :)

THEN ... my dream goes to this ~

All these young pregnant mothers come knocking at my door.

They all ask, "Are you the granny panty fitter?" ...  "Doc. T. sent me."

I say, "Yes, I am the granny panty fitter, come on in."

I proceed to take the pregnant gal into a room in my house.  The room is HUGE ... it looks like a beautiful store front and it's wall to wall with shelves and racks of granny panties!

I take a tape measure and measure around the gal's belly and then I have her discretely give a little lift of her leg and I take a measurement from her belly button to the small of her back.  ( I know... where did I get a dream like this from!!!)

I'm fitting these chubby mommies all night long.  Doc T. and I are in cahoots on this store and we're both getting filthy rich off of granny panties.  

~~~ dreams over ~~~

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Ahhhhhh, so not the truth comes out. That is why I don't see bikini panties and thongs around here, Sherry is afraid of the peace sign on our next baby!!!!!

    Yep, you are certifiable now, Slim can deliver you to the back door of the infirmary where they will fit you with granny panties that tie around the neck. hahahahahahahah

    Yep Thou are crazy! But it is a good thing to be getting rich while being there.

    Love from Florida (Must be the weather or something from the paper mill up there!!!)

  2. I cannot fix it, but that is SUPPOSED TO BE..... SO NOW THE TRUTH COMES OUT!

  3. You crack me up!

    Maybe you should stop eating that spicy food just before bed (heee,hee, heee.)

  4. Oh my goodness!!!

    Now I know why I don't remember most of my dreams!!!

  5. Thanks, I really needed a laugh!

  6. It was so funny when you called and shared your dream with us, because we both have weird dreams almost every night. Thom woke up this morning and thanked me for taking him on an African Safari (in his dream. lol) Dreams ~ well I guess its better than the nightmares I had as a kid.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  7. Too funny. Did you wake up exhausted?

  8. Haha, loved it...I have some weird dreams sometimes too, but they don't always make sense from beginning to end.

  9. Wow! That sort of covers it all! Just WOW!

  10. I LOVE granny panties. LOL This was very funny.

  11. Only you, Aunt Mel, only you. ROTFLMAO!!!