notes from the Taj~

Sitting .... and waiting .... and watching .... and watching ...
Sitting ... and waiting ... and watching ... and waiting ...

but no big buck was seen today.

I did hear a lot of shooting though across the road again by the power lines and to the south of me by the neighbors. 

Around 4:00 I had a single fawn and then a doe and fawn come in.  They only stuck around for about 20 minutes ~ then came back in right before dark and the end of shooting hours.  At least I was able to watch something besides squirrels all day.  I have a doe tag, but I really don't want to shoot one of "my" does.  I know... you can't eat the horns; but I also can't shoot a pet.  It's that odd ball buck that I've never seen before coming into the territory that I'm waiting on.  That I will harvest. I just pray that "my does" stay on this side of the fence line and highway and don't go wandering off where every Tom, Dick and Harry will take aim on her.  That phrase, "brown it's down" doesn't fly with me.  I don't hunt like that.

It was a cold and miserable rainy day ... tonight the weather is suppose to get colder and it's suppose to turn over to snow.  That's okay with me.  The snow is prettier to look at then the rain :)

Just thought I'd share this picture from two years ago.  I know I've shown it before; but I think it's pretty fascinating.  It's a dwarf deer.  The big buck isn't too bad either. The picture was taken over by Winter, WI  Some people claim that it's just a fawn, I beg to differ.  A fawn would at least be as tall as the belly of that buck by that time of the year... even a late born fawn. 

One more thing ~

I have a pocket watch!  Actually, it's Slim's old watch without the band but it keeps time and it fits in my pocket.

Well this old gal is off to bed ... it's hard work sitting outside all day in the fresh cold air.  Actually, I'm in the TajMelhal but the window is wide open so I can be ready when needed.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I agree with you it looks like a dwarf. I just came from Wal*Mart and I met a dwarf man as I was going in. Also have a second cousin who is a dwarf. What does all this have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing.

  2. I do not know enough about it to say it is a dwarf. But it sure looks interesting. I hope all your sitting and waiting pays off. Take care.

  3. I don't care what it is, it's the cutest little dang deer I've ever seen. Wouldn't it make a sweet pet? Good luck tomorrow my 'deer' sister!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  4. Sorry that old buck did not stick his head out today, Looks like he would be folowing that pretty doe around. hahaha.
    Great entry, and also that is a cute picture of the pygmy(?) deer.

    Good luck tomorrow!!!!

    Love sent from down here.

  5. American Eagle
    A year in the life of bald eagles. The majestic creatures can sport a wingspan of up to 8 feet, and are strong enough to carry away a deer fawn.

    I didn't know

    I haven't seen
    this episode of
    "Nature" on PBS
    it's a repeat, though

  6. Praying you get that buck tomorrow! I agree, the snow will be prettier to watch than the rain. Thanks for sharing the picture of the buck and midget deer again. I had not seen it before.