lawn fairies ~

I had this picture sitting on my computer since June of the girls ... my Grandlove Bailey (on the left) and her cousin Lily, waiting for me to do something creative with it.  I just love those two  munchkins in this photo and wanted to make a scrapbook page out of it.

I know ... I'll turn them into little lawn fairies!

A tree background ... some big mushrooms and butterfly wings, a flip and a flop, load everything up to Microsoft Picture It program, a little play with color (which is a dangerous place for me to go - because I'm color blind) and here's what I came up with ~ a 12x12 scrapbook page:

~ my little lawn fairies :)
Lily and Bailey

How's it look... is the coloring okay??
Something happened this morning that bums me out ... a little bit anyways.... my automatic coffee maker took a dive.  I only had that thing for 2 years... which seems to be the life span of those things... at least at my house that's about how long they live.  So...  it's back to making coffee the old fashioned way, on the stove top again with my good old trusty coffee pot that I saved out of the camper when we quit camping.  

I can perk up a pot of coffee on the stove top just about as fast as the automatic maker ... and I'm thinking that I don't even want to replace the coffee maker anymore.  I go through those things like Tammy Faye Baker went through mascara! 

So ... if Dear Hubby is reading this (which I know he isn't ... he thinks my blogging is a foolish waste of time) or if my kids are reading this (I know they do; but never leave me a comment) ~ thinking "now I know what to get Mom for Christmas".... think again.  I do NOT want another automatic coffee maker!!  In fact, I don't want any Christmas present that represents anything domestic and involving the kitchen ... unless you want to bake me a pie or some cookies :) OR... a HAM!! I LOVE HAM!! Yeah... bake me a ham for Christmas ~ I'll be one holly jolly mommy.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Awwww, so sweet, your lil' fairies in the woods, so peaceful under the shrooms of hues of pink and lavender...loveit. You are a talent to behold...

    As for that coffee maker, I need a new insert for my old fashioned, loved blue-speckled enamel coffee pot. Remember that thing from camping? Those old-timers sure make a fine cup of brew.

  2. The fairy picture is sooo pretty. Good way to get the message across about your Christmas present. lol

  3. Forget about Christmas for now ... what are we doing about Thanksgiving??? Am I going to be cooking everything again? or by some chance is there going to be help in the kitchen? or am I just gonna leave the cooking for someone else and go hunting like the rest of the women in the family???

    oh and you didnt mention anything about not getting an automatic coffee pot for your birthday???? haha!

    Love Ya,
    Your favorite daughter!

  4. RE: Sara ...
    I know one thing for sure about Thanksgiving this year ... I AM cooking. That drove me absolutely crazy last year not being in the kitchen on that day. I'll hunt the rest of the season; but not Thanksgiving Day.

  5. LOVE the way your little 'fairy' pic turned out! The coloring is great!!! Not bad for a color blind person at all. Thanksgiving ... hmm ...
    and if you had been here last week, I had made a wonderful wonderful ham and a pea soup with the leftovers! Ya snooze, ya loose!
    'love & hugs from afar Sis'

  6. Hey girl that is a great job with the picture. I love it. Sorry about the coffee pot, we go back to our 'little Joe' from tent camping when the other goes out. But I seem to forget they boil over,.

    Love you

    From Florida,
    Sherry & Jack

  7. wooooooooooo, stove brewed coffee. Mighty strong stuff for so early in the morning. Now I know where you get your energy. PS. Love the picture.

  8. Good job with the photo! We had the same problem with coffee makers lasting. Finally went out and bought the cheapest, no frills maker we could find. It has already lasted longer than the last 3.

  9. I have just commented on Dar's blog about the creativity that girl has. You too, seem to have that gift. That is really INSPIRED art you made of the little lawn fairies!!!

    On the coffee pot - first I had to laugh out loud at your comment about Tammy Faye. What could make a woman want to make herself look so different that the way God made her? ... Now I recognize that you said you don't want a new one but maybe you have not seen the new one put out by Coleman that works on the stove top. My Son-in-law gave me one for a gift about 3 years ago. It works just like any "drip-through" but it heats from underneath like your old percolater. Look in the sporting goods section. Makes wonderful coffee.

  10. I'm with you sister. Nothing DOMESTIC for Christmas. If you need or want a new coffeemaker get it. PERIOD. Shouldn't be a gift. I LOVE your little lawn fairies. Purple is my color. The mushrooms are awesome. Take care.

  11. Hi,mother in law sorry to hear that i guess that we can share coffee the whey I like it while watching the football game. your football watching partner and favorite son in law.

  12. Love this post, Mel! As to the coffee-maker, the old-fashion way is usually the best anyways. Taste's better, too, don't you think??