it's malaria ~

yesterday from the hunting shack ~

I'm finally out of the house and sitting at TajMelhal.  I'm still sick ... but figured I can be sick down in the woods just as easily as at the house.  Today is day 10 of this vicious illness that has been inflicting me.  I've come to the conclusion that it's malaria.  I did watch a movie about Africa two weeks ago.

I fired up the heater and it sounds like a jet getting ready to take off.  Dear Hubby says that won't bother the deer.  ummmm... does he forget?  He's deaf in one ear and can't hear out of the other.  Now his perception of what something sounds like and what it really sounds like are totally two different things.  Oh my gosh... seriously... it might not scare the deer - but it scares me.  Why is that thing so noisy?   I have the Taj heated up .. and now that heater is getting shut down.  I'm not using that thing anymore.  Note to self ... steal (I mean borrow) the nice, pretty, new, quiet ceramic heater from Slim's ice fishing supplies.

The only critters I see scattering about are some furry woodrats - aka. squirrels.  At least I have something to watch.  I wonder if they find every morsel of food they stash away for the winter?  Or are they just stashing it during the day then having a late night supper and starting the whole process all over again in the morning?  All day long ... the same route ... show up from under a brush pile, run the length of the log, jump down, a hop, a skip, look over the pile of corn, scratch through it, find the perfect piece, snag it with your teeth, a skip and hop, jump back up on the log, run the length of the log, into the brush pile and back again repeating the whole process within a few seconds.  Do this all day long and pity the other woodrat that gets in his way - then the chase is on.  Especially if it's of another species.  The gray squirrels will tolerate the red squirrels when they are on the corn pile first ... but if a red squirrel is there first and a gray or black squirrel comes on to it then it's war.  That red squirrel will put the run on the other ~ big time.  Squirrels are greedy little hoarders.

No sign of deer today.


today from the comforts of home ~

No hunting for me today.  I'm staying in the house and making a big old turkey and trimmings for the family. I actually woke up feeling pretty good for a change.  I had the most restful sleep that I think I've had in two weeks.  There's still a dryness in my throat and sniffle of the nose; but not profuse sweating and fever.  Yeah!! Maybe my malaria is gone!!!

We're doing our Thanksgiving a day early - because it's when everyone can make it :) ... so I opted out of hunting today.  Last year I didn't cook and it drove me crazy.  Seriously, I LOVE cooking and seeing my family enjoy the meal I set before them.

Tomorrow, the Thanksgiving Day Parade - then FOOTBALL!!  The Packers are playing on Thanksgiving Day!!! How sweet it is!

Then ... my butt will be out in the woods until the end of hunting season.  I've lost a LOT of hunting time this year.  We NEED the meat and I hope to be the one to get it.

Have a blessed holiday :)

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Hope you are feeling better very soon. Have you been checked out for Lymes? Good luck bagging a deer, slim pickins' in our neck of the woods. Happy Thanksgiving. GO PACK GO!!!

  2. glad you're finally feeling better! in the knick of time, it sounds like!

  3. Squirrels are fun to watch. The ones in our area run the wires and cross the streets. When they get in the middle of the street they always change their mind and go back where they came from. A lot of them loose their life because of that mind changing.

  4. Glad you are feeling better and talking about your cooking makes me so hungry. From all the pictures you have post I see you are one of the best cooks. Take care. Jean

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, regardless of the day you celebrate! If you're up and cooking, you must be feeling better. Happy hunting, too!

  6. And I betcha Slim is glad you ain't hunting! the cooking suits him better, and the rest I am sure. Hope the time together was great and y'all enjoy every minute of it.
    Thankful to know you and yours.
    Love from Central Florida, we moved (bill collectors you know)

  7. Happy Turkey Day to you today instead of tomorrow...I can smell the leftovers...we had ours Sunday during the game and another this Sat. as my lil girl and the boys will be home. An excuse for me to smell the house up with turkey this time instead of chicken and ribs.
    Can't wait for the game tomorrow...Go PACK!!!!
    Glad you're on the mend. That was a long haul, Sis.

  8. Great post. Glad you are recovering from malaria. My hunting season was cut short, by my husband breaking his ankle. We too need the meat.

  9. Good thing you are feeling better...just in time for the feast..and to cook! Happy thanksgiving!!!

  10. So good talking to you and hearing that you're feeling better. I baked off some pumpkin and baked pies today, yesterday I made homemade cranberry sauce and T-day the bird gets an herbal rubdown and popped into the oven. Of course our meal will have all the fixin's too.
    'love & hugs from afar' Happy Thanksgiving dear Sister of mine!

  11. Glad you feel better. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

  12. the only time
    I saw the Lions
    play in person
    was with my John
    Thanksgiving 2003
    they won that day
    GO LIONS!!!

  13. Hope you are doing much better! And that you get that deer!! I know how you feel about those type of heaters...the noise is enough to scare me away!