coffee's on ~

Who'd of thought it would be such a big hallapalooo over replacing my coffee pot?  I made the run ... well actually it was a 45 minute drive ... over to Wally world yesterday to cash in on the warranty I had on the old GE and came home with this shiney new red Mr.C.

and the bonus ... it was $5.00 LESS than the old one; so Wally owed me :)  I love moments like that.  Buy a coffee pot, use the bejeebers out of it for 2 years, return it to the store and get 100% cash back.  Yes, Virginia ~ there is a Santa Claus.  It pays to fill out those little warranty cards that come with your products and to hang on to the receipts.

A big congrats is in order to my little bro on his harvesting a nice buck with his bow and trusty arrow.
He's lucky he saw that deer before me!
Not much going on around here ...
I think I'll go enjoy a cup of jo and feed the AsUps and chickadees before they revolt and start dive bombing me.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Good deal on the coffee maker, great dear and a beautiful Nuthatch. Helen

  2. Well lucky you! What a deal and luck to find the receipt. Atta Girl. They depend on us consumers losing the receipt or forgetting the warranty. Which 98% of us do.

    What a hit for little Bro. meat for the winter. all right!!! I have never Bow hunted, but it always seemed like a more sporting hunt.

    Yeah, feed them birds. Enjoy the coffee as our Blue Ridge lady Linda says, Life is good!!
    Love from down here in Florida.

  3. A RED Coffeepot ~ just in time for the holidays! NICE buck for our baby bro. Great birdie capture. Golly Beav, I miss you too!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  4. Loving that new coffee pot. RED is awesome. Warranties are wonderful. And to think you pocketed some change. NICE! Take care.

  5. Score one for Mel!!! You can spend the savings on bird seed!!! Have a great week.

  6. Nice! Nice! Nice! Like Muffy says, you can spend the savings on bird seed, even tho it might only buy a handful. LOL
    I'm so happy for our baby brother...he's had luck on his side lately. Maybe you will get that big boy from the riverside.
    BlessYourHeart and HappyHuntingThisOpeningWeekend

  7. Just had to tell ya, that new coffee pot makes a pretty good cup of brew...thanks for this morning.

  8. Having trouble posting tonight. Had a response up here and suddenly it popped out into cyberspace and became un-retrievable.

    Beautiful coffeepot, Mel. And congrats to little brother on the harvest! Happy Thanksgiving next week. I'll be away for a short time beginning Thursday the 17th. Be safe and bag a big one during the hunt! Fred