he's back ~

I looked out my window and who shall I see ~ my pretty little deer looking back at me!

I have to admit ...
I was a bit concerned after hearing the wolves so close to the house the other night.

He headed straight to the feeder for his ice cream cones.  That's what I feed him, mixed with corn.  We had a whole 55 gallon barrel of sugar wafer ice cream cones left over from when we were feeding the bear last fall ... and the deer love them; also the squirrels, turkeys and song birds.

I have a mess of squirrels around this winter... red, gray and black.

This little bugger must have tangled with something ... notice his leg ... ouch ... but it doesn't seem to bother him at all.

Pretty little chickadee ~
I should take down my wreath that I made for Christmas. Christmas is over ... but I'm still enjoying it.  The other day I had to go and pick cookies out of it that the squirrels had packed into it. I'm surprised they haven't chewed off the glass reindeer ornaments I have on it.  As long as there's snow on the ground I'll probably keep it up.  Around here that could be until May!

 I'm twiddling around with another little project.  I'm making a walking stick.

I started out with a dry branch ...
... started sanding it ...

... did some dremel work on it .. to fix up a handle ~ and whalah!!!

I still need to do more on it ... more dremel work and sanding and putting a stain and finish on it.  I'm also in the process of carving a "wood spirit" on it.   I'll post the finished stick when I'm done ... whenever that will be:)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Must be nice to have so many wild animals so close to watch. Hey I like ice cream cones too, can I have some?

  2. Your deer was hiding as they were howling. Glad he is back. Yet you may keep him, as he would not be a welcome visitor in my garden.

  3. What a pleasure it must be to have deer and other wild life so close to home. Who would have thunk 'Ice Cream Cones?'

    Love the pictures of course, and as always enjoy your story telling and crafts. Or is it just talent displayed.

    Mama & Daddy 'O' created talented young 'uns, and cute too!

    WYou bring a smile, everytime we see your picture pop up!

    Love from Florida, Sherry is checking on the chimpmonk, or raccoon, muskrat, or what ever. Worried about his shadow! I will let you know as soon as she tells me.
    Yeah, we have been to his town, but I did not see mim. Phil, that is.

  4. Glad little deer is back. I was afraid a vehicle got him. I can't wait to see the finished walking stick.

  5. What a relief the little deer is back! Love the walking stick. My Grandmother had one... I have it now. A friend of the family made it for her. Nothing fancy, but I love the effort he put in. He carved her name, the year and to her, from him. He even put a rubber cap on the bottom, to keep it from slipping.

  6. Uh huh. See? Like I said, you were gone and the deer went looking for you. ☺

  7. I knew your little deer was just waiting on ya! It's getting warmer and I think the deer have a little easier travel coming.
    Sad about lil Red. He looks like a weasel got a hold of him. It's amazing how they heal and carry on stealing seed.
    I love the walking stick.
    Today went OK.....will know more in a couple days.

  8. I'm so glad the little dear is ok. He looks so sweet. As do all the squirrels. We don't get RED ones here, only black and grey. I grew up feeding a RED one with my grandpa back east, along, long time ago. LOVE your wreath. I have a couple of hand carved walking sticks. Look forward to seeing yours when it's finished. So far it looks GREAT. Take care.

  9. Hi Dar, thanks for commenting on my blog. Diabetes is nasty. I had 2 brothers and a sister that had it. My brother had his toenails clipped. That price is outrageous. I learned a lesson the hard way. Put details in my blog. Love your pictures always. Like you, I come in a lot but do not always comment.

  10. It must be fun to see all the wildlife come to your feeders. Your wreath is lovely, and your walking stick looks great too. Pretty pictures. :)