that kind of day ~

There's a black squirrel out in the yard giving me the eye :)
I think he wants a cookie.

It's finally starting to feel like normal around here - as if "normal" is even possible.  We've just been so rushed the last few weeks that it feels good to not have any big obligations to be met.  Unless you want to talk about property taxes ... nah... I won't go there!

Saturday we had a funeral - my aunt passed away, my Mom's sister.   My cousin's son gave the nicest eulogy ~ so spot on.  It makes you wonder sometimes ... what will it be like at my funeral ... what will be said ??  How was I perceived in this allotted time on earth??  

The weekend of the JPD Warrior Projects fisheree, that we had the end of January, is a lot of work; but it's also so personal for the family.  It's also the anniversary of my nephews death from suicide.  That is why we have the fisheree in the first place ... to raise funds to bring in speakers to the schools to address kids about suicide awareness and self esteem.  We have a group called the Bucket Fillers coming in March (more on them later).  The fisheree is our fund raiser to get enough money to support these efforts and support other community projects such as the Time Out Shelter and the Corner Rock Youth Center.  

This coming Wednesday will be the anniversary of my sister's death - I sure do miss her.  She was always so fun loving and happy.  I still want to "just pop in" for that cup of coffee and catch up with her on what's going on with her and her family ... or get my hair trimmed.   

It will also be the anniversary date of my parents wedding.  My Dad too is no longer with us ... and sure is missed. He too was just such a loving and caring man - and had such a knack of telling the BEST true stories ever!!  The scrapbook page is of the last photos I had taken of him on the day we launched his homemade boat. 

Yes, times like this makes a person think ... and value what they have.  It is also a time to reflect and cherish the memories and moments of those who are no longer with us.

I know ... time for me to say, "I think I'll make some Jello" but not today ... today it's homemade bread and a raspberry doughgen.

... and get some smelt thawed out for supper ~ Dear Hubby has a cravin' and I only make them once or twice a year ... and he reminded me it's been awhile :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. i know these memories are bittersweet. i have them, too.

    love that black squirrel!

  2. I bet your kitchen always smells wonderful. I've lost several family members too and cherish the memories I have of times spent with them. Certain days and times of the year will always make me think of them. I hope you have a good day today.

  3. I'm so thankful for the memories of my family members that have gone on. I sure do miss them.

  4. I hope your memories give you comfort. That bread and doughen look delish!

  5. I know the feelings. They come on special days, or at the death of a loved one. You never have enough of one you love. There is never enough to fill the void, memories must do it.

    Love the picture of your dad though, since we have seen that boat and touched it, it becomes more a live with the BUILDER aboard and it floating.

    Ahhhh the bread looks great and also the doughgen, and I do not know what that is. LOL

    At your demise, if you haven't out lived everyone, there will be boat loads of nice things said about you, as of now, so DON'T BLOW IT! LOL
    Love you lady,
    Sherry & Jack (down here)

  6. When loved ones pass the memories must sustain you throughout the years. It is important to remember and reflect. It helps to keep their spirits alive. take care.

  7. the other day
    I dropped a
    potato chip
    on the floor
    so, I put
    it in a
    lil cup
    with some peanuts
    for the squirrels
    I got to
    see one of
    our brown squirrels
    sitting on the
    eating that chip
    while our kitties
    so cute
    I'll be eating
    a paczki later
    happy fat tuesday

  8. Thanks Mel, for spelling out and spilling out your feelings which match mine. It has been a long winter and added loss, memories stirred and hearts crossing, all a good thing but bittersweet. It was good to visit all of our cousins and few remaining aunts and old friends.
    We always say it, we need a party without the mourning. Sat. was just that, it was good.
    Josh was here a couple days and we just finished a pan of raspberry doughgen too...sure brings summer to mind.
    I'm tackling that white-out snowstorm outside, and coming for coffee.......ya home?

  9. Funerals always bring back such a flood of memories! I honestly felt surrounded by believers and it was a wonderful feeling ~ a 'celebration' of her life for sure. I miss our sisters laugh and Dad's way of making us laugh. Love them all so much.
    'love & hugs from afar'