ice fishing or dust bunnies ~

Well the decision wasn't a hard one to make.  Should I ride along with Sara and Don down to the lake where the kids were ice fishing or kill some dust bunnies?

I opted for the ride!  It was a gorgeous sunny day ~  and in northern Wisconsin ... when a day like this comes along in February; it's pretty hard to stay inside. Especially if your only plans for the day evolved around house cleaning! Plus ... it was a special afternoon ... it was Staci's birthday.

 So off we go ...  driving the "roller coaster" road on the way to Sam's place on Solberg Lake.

This shot was taken from Sam's yard ... looking out to the lake. The three closest vehicles belong to my bunch.

Here comes Sam to offer a ride out to where they are ice fishing on the 4-wheeler ~

Staci ... aka. chief cook ... aka. birthday girl ... doing some tailgating ... making brats and hotdogs ~

Bailey enjoying her afternoon.
Ahhh...  the good life ... a hotdog ... a juice box ... and the sun on my back.  
What more does a girl need?

Perhaps an ATV ride with Sam ... aka. Uncle Sally ~ or big sister Brooke

Sam ~ riding into the sunshine ... checking his tip-ups.

Staci ~ checking her tip-up.  
"Mom, are you taking a picture of my butt?" 
"No... I wouldn't do that!"

Bailey showing Amber her fish.

Me ~ trying to catch a fish.

Brooke ~ trying to catch a fish.

Bailey ~  reminding me what a fish looks like.
I think she was just showing off ... the little smarty pants!

Brooke ~ STILL trying to catch a fish.

Time for an ice auger contest!!
See who can cut a hole through the ice the fastest.

Rupe & Sam 

~ The Face Off ~

... and they're off !!

Rupe is in the lead ~
The winner!! 

Where is Sam?

"You said faster?"
"I thought you said backwards!"

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I must admit I usually stay in when old man winter arrives. Only making an ocassional trek here or there in the snow. But all your ICE FISHING on that frozen lake, looks like LOTS and LOTS of FUN. ENJOY. take care.

  2. It was a perfect day to be out on the ice. Looks like your family had a great time.

  3. Lady of the Lake, I am glad you posted this. Never driven on a lake before, this is my first time. Am I supposed top know when I shouldn't drive out here?

    Also I did not know about the power augers. Cool, Sam can do it backwards!!!!

    Thanks for the great photos and narrative. Bailey is sweet to keep you updated on Fish Psyic's~!

    Love now get warm, you are freezing me to death!@!!

  4. I've never seen a frozen lake in person. Just a few frozen puddles. I still can't imagine living where it gets that cold!

    You were right to go... the dust bunnies will wait!

  5. Oh to heck with those dust bunnies. I think you made the right decision. Looks like lots of cold and fun.

  6. Oh my, it sure looks cold there. I'm glad you had a sunny day and got to go out and enjoy it. :)

  7. Mel! You are a most fun kind of person. I love your spirit and definitely, leaving those DB's behind. I was out on Lake Erie once, being pulled on ice skates behind a lawn-mower (winter of 1970/71). I had been assigned to pastor a church in Monroe, MI at the time and it was a first for me. Loved it, too. That Bailey is smart, so listen, Grandma, this is what a fish looks like! hahahahahaha. Fun

  8. Wasn't it gorgeous out Sat? and you did the right thing, fishing over the dust who won the fishing tournament they were going to have?

    Love that Bailey knows how to catch a fish...sweet girly. I haven't seen her since Christmas.

    So, did Sally really ride the auger?
    That is so funny. He needs a tractor seat on that thing.