woodland creations 3 ~

Day 3 of creativity ~ the fairy house / gnome garden / miniatures continue ... and probably will keep continuing until the snow goes.  What a better way to waste away a day! As if this is all I do.

Yesterdays project consisted of making more stepping stone pavers ~

~ stepping stones  ... drying in the cookie packaging forms ~

~ a round table w/fruit basket ~
~ side chair ~

AND ...

~ a birch bark house ~

I'm really enjoying making these ... in case you haven't figured that out yet ... lol   I just can't wait to make more and really can't wait to get them set up in my garden.  So off I go ... to a mystical realm of my own.  I have a woodland village to make :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. You have such great ideas! Thank you for sharing.
    Remind your friends that I will be drawing for my give away in just a few days and they have time to enter!

  2. Everything you're making is so cute! The fairies are going to be fighting over who gets to live in your houses! haha! :-)

  3. Neat stuff Mel, does Slim know about this fantasy? LOL
    love the little chair, I'm trying to figure how you are cutting, clipping the sticks, you must be snipping them.
    Oh and the little fruit basket is a very nice touch!! I see you keep the juices flowing.
    Love it and enjoying the creative classes.
    Sherry & jack where there is no SNOW!

  4. These are so cute and clever!!! Can't wait to see your garden!

  5. You keep this up and I will be having to create again, but maybe on just a bit larger scale...those 'itis brothers are killing my joints in this long winter weather.grrrrrrr
    I've really been enjoying our phone and coffee visits.

  6. We have our gnome furniture sitting on a shelf inside the house. It's over 30 years old. I just think it's GREAT you are doing this. I LOVE the chair and table you made. ADORABLE. Have fun with this project. Take care.

  7. This just gets better and better! I don't think I'd be able to put those outside, the varmint squirrels would tear it up.

  8. Really like your gnome home and am envious of your snow.