eerie moon & clouds~

Last night we witnessed some of the eeriest moon and cloud sightings ever. I know that there was a big solar storm yesterday and last night ~ and possibly that would be the reasoning for seeing this. It was also suppose to be a good night to see some northern light displays - but we didn't have too high of hopes for that happening because it was so cloudy out.

It only happened in a matter of a few minutes. It was around 7:30 p.m. (Central Time Zone). Slim and I were watching American Idol. He was laying on his couch and I was on mine ... both good viewing positions for the television ... and to see outside if there was to be a show of the northern lights. We had the inside and outside lights turned off so we could get a good view if something started up.

Then we began seeing a few flashes ... like lightning.  Then it would get pitch black out again with one big star showing to the east.  I went and grabbed the camera ... and went to stand outside ... just in case.

It went again to pitch black out  ... then the moon peaked through the clouds.

It got brighter ...

then VERY BRIGHT ... 
you could see the trees on the edge of the lawn

Then it began to dim ...

and dim ... 
with the cloud cover coming back in again

All the while I was standing outside on the deck ... trying to keep the camera steady by leaning against one of the deck post.  It was very windy out and the clouds were really moving fast.  

Then I get this in my viewer ...

I hadn't touched the zoom level on the camera.  It was on auto focus.

Next shot ... I'm looking at this ~

then this ...

... okay ... go ahead call me crazy ...
but I think that's kind of freaky

To me it looks like a howling werewolf or something weird ...
do you see what I mean?
down on the bottom I can see faces.

No kidding ... it was kind of eerie standing outside in the middle of the night looking at this.

The next shot ...
the moon was like this :

My auto focus had zoomed in and then out.

I headed for the inside of the house.

Of course, Slim is laughing at me ...
telling me I'm making something out of nothing again.
Telling me there's no such thing as the boogie man and werewolves...
being a real jerk.
I know that...
paranormal stuff happens
freaks me out!

this time it was just the moon and clouds

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Those are some freaky shots and I'm with you on the paranormal stuff! It does happen.

  2. You have your pictures to prove it, lol. Take care. Jean

  3. But, but ,but next time it might be the real thing, then Slim will hang on to you for dear life!!!

    No joke you caught some strange looking stuff. Like Jean says, pictures don't lie.

    Poor ole Slim will pay for this!!!

    Love you gal! good entry and narrative . Y'all have some strange stuff up in the North Woods!!!!

  4. A better show that what was on TV I'm sure! You got some interesting pictures.

  5. You're freaking me out a-gain...I must have been spaced out, cause I sure missed this show...then I remember I went to bed by then...dang.
    Great shots Mel.

  6. All those pictures sure looked weird. Like you I knew something was going to take place from space but I never thought it would look like that. I am sick so I sure didn't need to be outside at night. Thanks for sharing. Helen

  7. They are really strange pictures. Joe definatley believes in paranormal. I don't believe or disbelieve. The way this world is going today I think anything is possible.