snowy day ~

It's certainly is a snowy day here  ... as it was yesterday.

Sam went to move the snowmobile and really got it buried.  People who snowmobile know what I'm talking about ... not all snow is snowmobiling snow.  It too has to be the right kind of snow for riding... especially if it's off of a hard packed trail.   Yesterday's snow was NOT the right kind of snow.  It was very heavy and packy ... as evidence of Sam's snowmobile ride fiasco.  He only made it about 20 feet from the garage and was buried right up to the handle bars.  He already had it half shoveled out by time I saw him and grabbed the camera.

After some heavy duty shoveling he was able to get it out and back up to the garage.  Personally, I would of left it sit until spring! 

Even the snow plow had a hard time yesterday.  What a nice sound to hear though, when you're snowed in up to your eyebrows ... the roar of the snowplow truck coming up the driveway.

  The snow was just so heavy that even the big truck had a hard time ... even with chains on it's wheels.

It would push ahead so far ... then have to back down the driveway and make another running start at it.  Our driveway isn't that steep ... but just steep enough to make it difficult.

After FOUR attempts it finally was able to push it's way up the hill!

It cleaned out some of the snow ... enough that we can now navigate the driveway ... but we still had a LOT of shoveling to do.

After the plow pulls out of the yard ... I was in the house and I hear this loud "THUMP".  The snow came sliding down off the garage roof.

If it only would have happened a minute sooner ... the plow could have pushed it out of the way.  Two feet thick of snow sliding off a metal roof can really make a loud noise ~ especially when 3/4 of it comes off at the same time.

It sure is pretty ...

... if you don't have to be looking at it on the end of a shovel :)

Notice Sam's head  in the center of the picture? 
 Walking behind the snowbank by the woodpile.  
He's over six foot tall ... 
my poor sister Cheryl would be lost!
We sure do have the snow.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. just be careful w/ that shoveling and tromping around!

  2. That's alot of shoveling, for sure. Staying put inside til it thaws might be my strategy. I'm just saying? LOL It's very beautiful, though. PS) You have something I want and I've been trying to find a way to get in touch with you about it to ask advice. Is there anyway to do that?

  3. Yes Ma'am, We sure did get dumped on with the extra wet and heavy duty stuff. It will be June before it's all gone, but I'm shootin' for April.
    I just know that shovel fits the guys hands much better than your sore hands. Just wanted to remind you.
    BlessYourHeartSis, Loveya

  4. I think I am getting tooo much education on snow. You sure got some interesting shots also some absolutely beautiful ones.

    Common sense shoulda told me about the snow mobile, but we have seldom seen more than 6" at a whack and that VERY SELDOM.
    Anyway stay warm, spring will come up here, won't it?

    Love you lady!

  5. We sure got dumped on too! That was a lot of white on white! YES I would have been lost behind that snowbank. We're expecting more snow over the weekend. I was thinking of gardening, but maybe not today!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  6. Wow, you guys are buried. And I understand more to come. That snow coming off the roof makes the earth shake.

  7. Wow, you guys are buried. And I understand more to come. That snow coming off the roof makes the earth shake.

  8. I CAN NOT imagine living with that! It may be beautiful, but...