sunny days ahead ~

I don't know if Bailey is ready for the snow to go...

... she sure has fun playing in the snow banks.

But I think her Uncle Sam if ready for it to be gone ...

... shoveling 2 feet thick of it off the roof is a bit more than he likes.

Although switching from the shovel to the big snow scoop did make the job go faster.

It's suppose to warm up this week and it's starting to melt ... but that was a lot of weight up on the roof top of the house and we just didn't want to risk it.  Besides that, even though he won't admit it ... I think Sam rather enjoys crawling up there and shoveling it off.

I know his dog, Amber, sure enjoyed watching him shovel up there ... and dodging the snow and rolling in it when it came down.

I'm just glad we have enough dry wood in the wood shed to see us through  ...

and don't have to dig under all this snow to get to this pile which will go towards next winter's heat source.

The picture doesn't really show  how high this pile is.  
It's as tall as I am ... if not a little taller ... and I'm 5'7".

Just one more pic ... then I promise not to bore you with all this snow.

~ snow on the sumac ~ 
I just thought it was pretty and thought I'd share.

okay ... I lied ... one more pic ...
Just because :)
 ~ looking down my driveway ~
In a few more months it'll be warm and toasty here in northern Wisconsin ... and this gal ... who hates the heat and feels like a slab of bacon in a frying pan when it gets over 80 degrees ... will be wishing for more days like these.

I love snow!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. you're not boring me! i didn't get to see one snowflake here this year. nada. enjoyed seeing yours immensely (especially since i didn't have to get up on the roof to shovel it off!)

  2. Like TexWis, no snow here. I also love looking at your snow, but wouldn't want the inconvenience of the work involved... or driving in that stuff.

  3. Your snow is pretty but I am thankful to have not gotten much all winter. To much to shovel for me these days. There was a year the snow was to much on the roof. I went to it shoveling to my surprise my ladder fell. No way to get down & my cell phone lest in the house. Some time before my son came. That was the last time I did it. Blessings!

  4. JOhn's sisters in Alaska are complaining about the weight on the roof. Glad you have someone who likes to shovel it. Our weather is nice temp wise but the March winds are blowing.

  5. Sure is pretty. But better you have it than me. I think AMBER is precious with her face and ears wearing the snow. Take care. PS)If you have a chance to email from my ScooterLadyRidesAgain. I have a question to ask you. I couldn't find anywhere to get in touch with you here? Thanks.

  6. Mel, I also love playing in the snow. But, now, shoveling it? That's a different story altogether! However, you were smart to get that snow off the roof before something gave way under that heavy load. Glad you have the young man to help you.

  7. Hi Mel, Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. I do hope you will visit again sometime. Your neck of the woods is beautiful and looks so peaceful. I will be back to visit ...I want to see how long it will take for all that snow to melt.:)

  8. WOW 2 feet on the roof is heavy no doubt about it. Sam is pretty agile for a guy who is getting OLDER (ha!) He seemed to have such a good personality (I am sure it is Slim's influence! LOL)

    Love the pictures you are such a good story teller!!!

    That is toooo cold for us southern boys!

  9. my John's folks
    have a dog
    named Amber
    who likes to
    make snow angels

    please, stop by
    if you want
    to see some
    snow-less kitties

  10. Great snow pics. I thought we had a lot of snow but you take the cake.

    Loved how the dog took such an interest in the shoveling. Ha, I know all about shoveling and am very happy to see it come to an end. We could get a little more snow yet but hopefully it melts as fast as it lands.