still hung up on the weather ~

What a difference a week makes!  Today we are in the 60's ~ but still have a lot of snow that needs to melt  off from the last storm.

There was a patch of ice on the driveway that I almost lost my car to the snowbank on.  
It started fishtailing around when I was coming up it.

Sam wasn't so fortunate. 

Into the snowbank he slides ... 
and has to have good ol' Dad come hook up the chain and pull him out. lol

Yes ... it's finally beginning to warm up in my neck of the woods ... I think our spring is finally on it's way.

Inside the house ... it's looking like springtime ... my amaryllis bulb has put forth a couple blooms.

and a second plant is getting ready to burst open too ...

I do love the winter months ... and the snow; but I'm ready for spring :) ... and to get back out into the yard work and gardens.  Although ... realistically it's still a ways off for us northerners.  We won't be planting the garden until the end of May... first few weeks into June.  It takes that long for the frost to get out of the ground and for the soil to warm enough for seed germination.

So... in the mean time I patiently wait ... and will probably get a heads up on the inside of the house, spring cleaning ... because once it's nice enough to be outside ... that's where I'll be!!  You won't find me cleaning closets and cupboards and shampooing rugs when Mother Nature calls me to the outdoors.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Good entry lady Mel, You just had to show Sam up! Oh, the flowers are beautiful.
    I am glad it is warming up so you can at least be comfortable outside although you cannot dig and plant.
    I had never thought about frost level and the germination, y'all are just too smart about 'stuff'. I never knew when to plant anyway.

    Some folk down here from up there have their plants growing out on the picnic tables and take them in at night to have them ready when they do get home. I would do that with some tomatoes, but this year I haven't eaten a tomato that I would like to clone!!! haha

    LOve from down here.

  2. Spring has arrived here. We have a few daffodils coming through, and we had a lovely warm day today. Icy roads can catch you off-guard in the blink of an eye. Glad no one was hurt. Your flowers are very pretty. Hope spring arrives for you there soon! :)

  3. Warming up and melting here. Amazing how fast it can go ... once it gets started.

  4. Yes, those icy spots can take your vehicle where you don't want it to go! We had frost here this morning and I didn't venture outside all day as I'm riding a wave of chemo here. Glad Sam had no serious damages there.

  5. Watch those icy spots. So glad to hear its warming up. We are leaving Arizona either on the 19th or 20th. I know Wisconsin WIMPS!!!

  6. That's a heatwave compared to some of your weather! You'll be furnishing the fairy garden before long. I can't wait for photos!

  7. Our snow has left the building....well, you get it.... Thank you so much for the positive thoughts while I was ill this past weekend! I appreciated it!

  8. I am hoping to get out in the yard. I have been looking from the front porch and afraid to try to clean the flower beds yet. As for the knee, I want to get to 2 more months and get another injection, if the orthopedist will let me.

  9. Hope spring is sprung soon. All that snow is nice to look at, but not to drive in. Glad the car got rescued. Your indoor flower is beautiful. Terrific color. Wow. You do plant late. Does winter come early. Doesn't give you much time to enjoy what comes up. Take care.

  10. Hi Mel - using a cold frame would likely give you a 6 to 8 week jump on the salad season. I would not expect year round success, but it would heat up the ground for that little plot to be started much earlier. And probably extend fresh pickings for another 6 to 8 weeks in the fall. Lots of posts about cold frames on my blog. We are to hit 70 in a day or two!!

  11. I'm also looking forward to planting...our Pacific NW winters are getting wetter and colder!