been awhile ~

Hi there! Where were you?

I hate starting a post with apologies for not being on here as faithfully as I would like to be; but gosh darn it ... I'm sorry I've been unable to post.  I've just been so dog gone busy with stuff - a lot of which I don't think should be my problem to tend with; but what will be will be.

Some things going on ~

Our eighteen year old granddaughter moved in with us late August, a lot of adjusting still seems to be in order, Sam smashed his fingers in the wood splitter yesterday, he'll heal, granddaughter started bartending a few weeks back at a not so reputable establishment, not liking that, granddaughter quit bartending, found a better job at St. Croix Rods painting fish poles, happy about that, went to Dorchester to pick up the pig we had butchered, rendering down lard, Slim is packing up for his trapping expedition which starts tomorrow, I'm feeling short tempered and stressed,

crocheted tee shirt rag rug ~ in progress

I'm cutting up old tee shirts into strips and crocheting them into a rag rug, don't care what colors they are, it's going in the Taj Mel Hall, my hunting shack, I have a batch of venison jerky going in the dehydrator,

need to make up some cookies for Slim to take along trapping, granddaughter and her friend were in a roll over accident last week when it was raining so hard, totaled the truck, she fell out the window during the roll over, she's okay, healing from a compression fracture in her back, swollen ankle and heel, lacerations on her hand, she's off work until doctor releases her for work, friends stopping in all hours of the day and night to see her, Grandpa Slim is short tempered from lack of sleep, he still hasn't adjusted to having her live here, seems like he's taking the brunt of his frustrations out on me, but we'll persevere and get through this, I'm not running a restaurant here, lost my cool today and fed the fried potatoes and fish and a hot dish to the dog, dog was happy, rest of the bunch not as happy as the dog, they can go to a restaurant to eat today, I fell down the seven deck steps three days ago, bruised up my back, moving slower; but I'm fine, bough cutting is over with, other granddaughters and daughter stopped in today, gave second grandlove a hair trim that she asked for, apparently I cut off too much, it's too short, she wasn't happy, her sister takes the scissors and cuts off an eighth of an inch more, all is fine, I can't please anyone today, the federal chickens are in the yard again,
stopped in yesterday and helped my daughter with a few things unloading her car, her and her hubby moved into my brothers house, my brother moved in with mom, I can't sleep because of our too firm mattress which has been an bother for some time now, brother let me use his box spring and mattress for time being, sleeping much better, and I could go on and on and on about a few more things but it won't solve anything so I'll ...


 Wowsers ~ talk about a run on sentence!  

So how's your world treating you :) 

Ever have one of those days?

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. um, i will pray for you? howzat?

  2. RE:TexWisGirl ~ Bless you! LOL

  3. Holy cow, Mel... no wonder you're short tempered and stressed. I'll toss my prayers into the mix!

  4. Bugger of a time. Sounds like you need to sit in your hunting shack and shoot something. I hope you and your family gets better.

  5. Oh hun, you need a 'calgon' take me away type vacation. They whole fam-damily relies on you too much. Hope you find your old self soon. (((hugs)))

  6. Short tempered? huh, I think I would be more than that!! I ain't had that kind of day that I can remember, thank goodness, but I think I have reached that stage that I don't remember.

    Now my man slim is heading for the woods, rivers and lakes. Ouch. Love the round rug though.

    You are the best lady, hand in there.
    Love from NC

    PS: Slim aughta git one of 'em federal chickens!!!

  7. Just good to see you here again. You've had too much on your plate to deal with. Take care of yourself.

  8. I'm sorry~didn't mean for you to get a week like my past few months...hang in there, it'll pass. Happy Dog~I had to laugh. I agree with the 4 B's, you need to shoot something. A federal bird would work.

  9. Whew! You are one busy gal all right!!!!

  10. Vent away, after all this is YOUR blog and you can party like ya want to! Hoping things settle into place soon ... for everyone's sake!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  11. My first thought after reading your blog; Jesus, stand on the bow of Mel's boat and speak "Peace. Be still."

    You are an exceptionally compassionate and loving person and the devil would like to "steal, kill, and destroy" but Jesus has come and His peace will prevail.