fall ~

Have I mentioned how much I love this time of the year?  I think this post will qualify as a photo overload :)

Let's take a walk in my backyard.

... another tree in the yard ~

... a blue jay in the tree ~

... pretty Staghorn Sumac ... I'll have to pick some of those berry clusters ~
... a Ladderback Woodpecker  and a Nuthatch on the tree ~

... a Lesser Nuthatch in the bird bath ... notice the difference in color ... the Lesser Nuthatch has a more golden stomach and isn't as brilliant in coloring as the Greater Nuthatch.  Also notice the sunflower sprouting from the piece of driftwood; no doubt from a seed wedged in there from the nuthatches or chickadees ~

... pretty little Chickadee ~

... fly away ~ so the nuthatch can sit for a spell ~

... a little walk down the bear trail ... this path is down in the woods off  the edge of our lawn ... a path that has been there for generations ... made by the critters ... it is so worn it looks like it's man made; but it's not ... I remember my Dad pointing this trail out to me when I was just a little girl ~

 ... some Trailing Princess Pine ~

... you pull one piece and the rest will follow ~

... some regular Princess Pine ~
I'll have to pick some of this too ... it'll go great with the sumac berries ~

... and pumpkins  ... in the whiskey barrel planters beside my door ~

Thanks for taking another stroll around my yard ... Have a wonderful day!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Of course, loving all the nature pics of the birds and princess pine, but am very fond of those whiskey barrels. So happy to see you this morning...love the sumac berries, gotta find some, and of course, the punkins;)

  2. Beautiful trip and informational site. I never heard of a Nuthatch, (I been called a nut-case often though) Some beautiful shots of nature at it's best. Enjoy it, it is a great season!
    Love ya
    jack & Sherry

  3. Hello, I am a new follower, What great photos! Anna

  4. I have nuthatches also, but never realized the two types I see are two different species. Always took for granted that they were male and female. You're always teaching me something new. Loved the tour of your yard. You are really ready for fall.

  5. Fabulous photos, Mel!!! Thanks for the stroll around the yard. It's lovely and makes me quite envious.

  6. Yes, Mel it is obvious that you like autumn and so do I, but here on the VA eastern shore it's much slower in arriving as we are having very warm Indian summer temps now, but soon enough we may see some nice colors.

  7. I luv, luv, luv your princess pine. YEARS ago when I was in about 5th grade, we gathered up piles of this from our property in Massachusetts and made beautiful wreaths and garland out of it. Took us forever but our house looked outstanding that year. The thick garland was hung over our old farmhouse kitchen fireplace where everyone always gathered at the big round table we had there for homemade doughnuts and cider. One wreath was in the middle and others hung on doors outside PLUS our outdoor pole lantern. I haven't seen any since then so seeing it on your blog is really specical. Thanks for sharing!