tis the season ~

Migration is going on full bloom for the birds ~ flocks of geese can be heard both day and night - they're getting out of here when the getting's good. Time to head south to warmer weather.   Last night was a feather ruffler.  It was very windy and along with the wind blew in the snow.  Yes ... I said the "S" word.  We got our first dusting of snow.

I think Mr. Robin wasn't too happy with it this morning either.  I'm sure the worms are crawling south too.  Time to fly away from here Mr. Robin before we get more of the white stuff.

Yesterday we spent some time in the woods ~ bringing in some more firewood.  Dear Hubby uses our 4-wheeler like a skidster.  Hooking a chain on to the log then pulling it out to the trail where we have a trailer waiting to cut it up and haul it home.
A trailer load at a time ... cleaning up the woods yet from the tornado mess 3 years ago ... but the woodshed is full for the winter :)  Free fuel ~ it sure beats having to buy gas to heat the house and garage ... and no electric hot water bill either ... the outdoor wood stove heats all our water too.

 More pics from yesterday ~ out in the woods.

This pretty little Gray-cheeked Thrush was a curious little bugger.  He kept hopping around us the whole time while we were making wood.

There are quite a few of them around right now too ~ on the migration route to warmer weather for the winter months.  They migrate from Canada all the way down to Central and South America. 

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. just love those beautiful leaves - especially the maple.

    i need to bring a bit of wood up from the back pasture/woods, too. we got our first cool front (52 here today) - a 35 degree drop from yesterday so it's time... :)

  2. I feel like the robin, wanting to fly south. I was up at 5, saw the white stuff and went back to bed. I think I will hibernate this winter.
    Nice looking wood all piled and ready for the months ahead, once again.
    So it goes when we choose to live in our favored 4 seasons. I do love it.

  3. No cool air here yet but I see Texwis Girl has it already so it should be getting here soon and I'm ready for it. Must be a good feeling to know you're getting all that wood ready.

  4. SNOW? SNOW!!!
    But the pictures are fantastic. You get some great shots, love'm. I have only seen one real migration and it was amazing. Millions.
    All my life I would see aseveral V's during the week and thought I was seeing a migration, but you have to be North to see the crowd before they start cutting off to visit relatives I guess.
    Love you and sure do enjoy the pictures.
    Sherry & Jack

  5. SNOW??? Already? Wow, I'm just hoping our cold front gets her and gets us into the 70s.

    Hubby forwarded me a video the other day and I couldn't help thinking of you. It was a woman shooing a bear off her porch. I would have forwarded it, if your email was enabled.

  6. We woke to the same. I sure envy you the 'wood' heat - it warms the soul along with the body. Love your pics.
    Love you too!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  7. we do enjoy the white stuff, which we used to get regularly when living in NJ, but not so much here on the VA eastern shore and never this early. That robin sure looked a bit confused. The wood pile sure looks nice and full for your winter.

  8. Your shots are really brilliant and quite Beautiful .... I enjoyed looking over your blog , Ah

  9. Beautiful scenery. Getting ready for winter though looks like a lot of work. And the complain about raking a few leaves in the yard...:)