happy halloween ~

Happy Halloween ~

Starting top left to right:  the Lion ~ my brother Randy, the Little Green Elf ~ my BIL (Lana's hubby) Danny, the Lamb ~ my brother Doug, the Devil ~ my brother Eric, the Tootsie Roll ~ my sister Darla, the Pea Pod ~ my BIL (Linda's hubby) Jim, the Bear ~ my Dear Hubby Slim, the Pirate ~ my BIL (Colleen's hubby) Mike, the Frog ~ my sister Linda, the Lil Giants Football Player my BIL (Darla's hubby) Bill, the Gingerbread Man, my SIL Angie, the Monkey ~ my sister Colleen, the Pig ~ my BIL (Cheryl's hubby) Thom, the Cat ~ my sister Cher, the Zebra ~ ME, the Bunny ~ my sister Lana.

This was one of my scrapbook pages from 2008 that I put together.  It was a lot of fun doing it.   I know some of you may have seen this pic before ~ but here it is again :)  Isn't it fun having a blog ~ you can put up what you want, when you want, even if you did it before.

Are you ready for the little trick or treaters?  I don't get too many kids here ... possibly a few of the small great nieces and nephew and a couple of the neighborhood kiddos.  Non the less, I do have little goodie bags made up just in case.

I didn't go the candy route this year ... instead I'm giving out Pumpkin Poop (cheese balls) and Ghost Poo (marshmallows).

 Have a safe Halloween ~ and if you have trick or treaters in your family, make sure you inspect the candy before letting them eat it ... and send me all the Butterfingers and Snickers (they cause tooth decay).  I don't want you to have to deal with the expense that the Tooth Fairy can rack up.  Yes, I will do you that favor, I will personally run the risk of decaying my own teeth at your expense, I will eat their candy for you.  Just sneak it out of their goodie bag, put it in a box and mail it to me.  

 AND - because it's still October AND because it's still Breast Cancer Awareness month (did you get your boobies squeezed? It could save your life! ) I just couldn't resist posting this:


Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. That family picture of all of us is still hilarious...thanks from Tootsie and the Lil Giant.
    LOVE the goodie bags, oh, creative one.
    And YES, I did get my Boobs squeezed and everything is A-OK. Did YOU?
    As for those Butterfingers and Snickers, I will be asking the GrandBoys for a Snickers cause mine all went into a CHO.SNICKERS CAKE. It was soooooo darned good!
    Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

  2. Great family photos!

    I'd have to fight you for the Butterfingers and Snickers. To heck with the teeth!

  3. Hey...........I want the snickers!!! I have my broom ready to fly!!!

  4. I sitting here going over the collage of the family, then smiling at the Pumpkin and Ghost poo, then I saw the cartoon passed it off, read the caption, looked at the flying witch for a few seconds before it hit me. I am glad I was not drinking anything or it would have been on the monitor. LOL LOL, yeah I'm slow,

    Happy halloween up there in the North Woods.
    Love from
    Sherry & Jack

  5. Mel you have the tricks and treats tonight!
    Nice to Meet "Cher's" sister!!
    As a Breast cancer the witchy joke!!
    Yes, get those "pumpkins" squeezed saved my life!!

    a blessed survivor of 2 cancers..naturegirl

  6. I'd like to invite you to join me at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick