sigh ~

It's over ~ in a matter of 24 hours my green lawn has turned to gold.  The leaves on the maple trees have fallen.

Winter is on it's way.  It's been a busy summer and fall for me ~ a lot of gardening and canning and freezing and dehydrating of the fruits and vegetables. 

Today I finished up with the applesauce.  I did it the old fashioned way, like my momma and her momma before her ... with the apple sauce sieve.  There's just something about rolling that wooden pestle in the palm of your hand and watching the warm pulp of the apples drip to the bowl below ... sigh.

I cooked the apples with the peelings on ~ leaving a pretty pink tint to the sauce.
Total - 28 pints.

Today was also my fishing day ~ catching the gold fish and transferring them from the Black Lagoon (the big Rubbermaid stock tank that sits at the bottom of my waterfalls) and putting them in the aquarium in the house for over winter.
~ this pic is from  early summer when I was working on it ... putting in plastic barrels cut in half for the waterfalls and before I had all the rocks set to camouflage the barrels ~

What a project that was!  I had five gold fish in there and 25 frogs that decided to take up residency over the summer.  I only had to catch seven of them today ... I've been trying to net a few out each day and was carrying them down to the pond to release them.  But I think for everyone I caught and released it came back and brought along it's brother and sister to check out the new digs.

What a pain in the butt getting those buggers out of there.  I think next year I'm going to have to set up some kind of netting or something.  Last year I had that trouble too with the frogs moving in ... plus a half dozen mud turtles that decided to call the Black Lagoon home. 
Oh well ... never a dull moment around here.
Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. cute little froggies - even if you had to rescue and relocate them.

    i used to run the apple sauce colander sieve for my mom. :)

    and you have your very own yellow 'brick' road. :)

  2. I think they are cute - as long as they are not in my house!

  3. Wow, that falling of the leaves happened fast, but sure looks beautiful.

  4. your lawn looks so pretty~don't mow, or if you must, don't rake. They make great natures compost and you don't even have to spread it.
    Bout those frogs, where were they in early Aug. for the frog jumping contest? Your waterfall is looking great.
    Now, about that Not Yo Momma's Pineapple Upside Down Cake there any left to go with that Pink Applesauce.?
    Where'd ya get the apples?

  5. Lucky you having your own pond and waterfall. Something I've always wanted but just can't do it alone!! So I'll enjoy other folk's ponds when I see them. We also have a 'golden' lawn. Hubby tried blowing some into the woods yesterday, then the winds came,... Oh forget that for a day or two!!

  6. I went to visit a wonderful widow lady once to take a gift and she was in her yard. All I saw was leaves that would have to be raked, what she saw was Golden Carpet that God had laid for her.
    You my lady are another of that line, and more the beautiful for it.
    I KNOW for a fact the Apple sauce is good!
    I didn't know you transferred the fishes. But a word of warning, Slim ain't gonna like 'dem frog' croaking inside. One of the big 'O' girls would be in trouble.
    Love Jack & Sherry from NC

  7. We tried outdoor fish but the raccoon kept eating them. They ate the big snails too. Now we just have the frogs but I don't move them, they are on their own.

  8. If we had a pond those pesky frogs could live here cause we're partial to both frogs& penguins.