cactus & moose ~

Apparently, my Christmas Cactus doesn't know we didn't even haveThanksgiving yet ~ it decided to start blooming early :)  Maybe it's a Thanksgiving cactus?  I really don't know the difference ... I'll have to do a Google search.  I know there are this type of cactus that are called both Thanksgiving and Christmas and I believe there is also one called the Easter.  The plant looks the same; but the colors are pink, red or white.  Which is which?  I don't know.

... but that's okay with me ... I needed a little pretty color in my world

Dear Hubby had a pleasant surprise while out checking his trapline the other day ~

He pulled in by one of the lakes and low and behold ... there stood a bull moose.   Not only one moose; but two of them!  He only managed to get a picture of the bigger one.  The smaller bull was standing up in the brush by the trees and he wasn't able to get it's photo.  His brother was with him though, and has photos of both.  I'll have to get hold of JD and have him send them to me.

  This was the first picture that Slim ever took with his new phone camera and he didn't really know for sure how to use it.  So he was pretty pleased that he did get the shot.  I just wish I had been with him at the time with my good camera.  Oh well ... maybe next time when I'm riding along with him they'll show themselves for me.

We don't have a huge population of moose in our area; but every year there are a few sightings. 

Other than that ... there really isn't much going on around here.  I've been busy being the domestic diva that I am.  I went to the dentist ... good check up there ... no cavities, teeth are good and healthy and nice and clean.  I asked him for a sucker for being such a good brusher and patient and he gave me a new toothbrush.  He laughed when I told him he should give out candy ~ job security you know.  I really would have preferred a sucker.  I haven't had a lollipop in ages!

During my dental exam I couldn't help but think back to an appointment my son had once.  He was around the age of 12.  The dentist office was just down the street from school and he walked there and I met him when I got off work.  Well ... come to find out ... while Sam was walking to his appointment ... he ate a bag of M&M Peanuts!  LOL    That's my boy!!
Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Whatever holiday that cactus is, it's beautiful!

    Hubby did a great job capturing the moose, especially considering it was his first go. Can't imagine what he'll be able to do when he gets used to it!

  2. Your cactus is the same color as Mom's and hers is blooming like wild.

    So cool that Slimmer got to see moose and he did do a great job getting the perfect shot of him. Very cool. Oh, is your man still going to trap those coon out by the cabin? Bill was asking.

    Me too on the domestic diva. I've gotten a lot of fall cleaning out of the way and so much more room in my dining room. Coffee's always on.


  3. my mom always had christmas cactus. so pretty. that moose is AWESOME!

  4. Hahahahahahahaha on you for SAM! The boy is cool!
    All huge animals are interesting and a pleasure to see. Even if the population is huge, they are still a thrill.

    Good post, love the shots of the Cactus, some folk just have that green thumb. Me? I can kill Ivy and weeds.

    Love from North Carolina.....

  5. Thanks for joining my site!!! Read back on yours a way, the venison looks GOOD!! Like the moose picture. This summer i was in Wisconsin, saw Lambeau Field, that was awesome!! & went to UP, saw Picture Rocks, what a great day!! That bough cutting looks like hard work. But what an enjoyable time out in the out doors, doing something for the Holidays.

  6. Well they say everything is a month ahead of schedule, maybe the Christmas cactus is too!!! We've had occasional sightings of moose also. About five years ago, we had tracks in our back yard. We weren't living here full time back then. But oh my how exciting. Glad Slim managed to get a good picture!!!

  7. How cool that Slim saw and captured a pic of the moose. We've only seen one since leaving Alaska :( Dang I miss living up there.
    I'll have to go check my cactus for buds now.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. I love your cactus. That photo of the moose is wonderful. I would so love to see one.

  9. HI Mel, WOW--what a moose... I travel far and wide JUST to see one --and didn't ever see one on our west trip.... I need to come and visit you all!!!!!!

    My Christmas Cactus quit blooming a couple of years ago. I meant to re-pot it this past summer --but forgot. SO--I guess we'll go through another year with no blooms... Sigh!!!!!!

    Have a great week.

  10. Hi Mel, just doing some catch up blog reading and enjoyed your Halloween collage with the family members. Also that kid encounter would have been more than I would have taken, you were very patient I deed. We have just spent a week in VT and saw lots of Moose Crossing signs, but not a single moose was crossing the highway so nice to see this one.
    The Christmas cactus was lovely even if blooming a bit ahead of the season.