@ the Taj ~

You won't be catching me at home the next few days unless I'm lucky enough to fill my gun/deer tag.  I'm sitting out @ the TajMelHal ... aka. my little hunting shack. the deer blind ... trying to put some venison on the table.  Dear Hubby hasn't hunted in 9 years ~ he leaves this little task up to me. 

This was my old shack that the bear ripped the door off of ~ it was very unstable, the floor was falling apart, huge cracks in the walls and very cold and drafty.

... and this is the TajMelHal ~ my new shack that my guys built for me last year:

 I know Jack ... don't look too close at the structure of it; the roof was a goof up  ~ but hey ... I'm not complaining... it serves it's purpose.  It's a LOT more comfortable than the old one.

Yes, I decided to join forces with the other 30,000 or so hunters out there in Wisconsin and try my luck.

Today was Day 2 of the 9 day season and so far my luck hasn't been too good.  I did shoot at a spike buck yesterday but my bullet hit a tree!  The deer ran away unscathed.  First time that ever happened.  I guess it just wasn't meant to be. 

Truth be told ... I regretted even shooting at the bugger and won't be doing that again.  He was too small and he was one of my regulars that comes in ... I seriously don't know what I was thinking!  I really think I subconsciously pulled up on the gun at the last second; because the bullet hit high and to the left of the deer.

 Last time I listen to the guys telling me what to do. 

I'll hold off and shoot one that I've never seen before like I originally planned.  Dang ... this hunting is hard on the subconscious.  I do want some venison; but I also want to see my deer in the area go unharmed.  Now I'm waiting on a big old rutty buck that is just traveling through that I've never met. Just because it's brown does NOT mean it's down in my book.  If the guys don't like my attitude about it ~ too bad. 

Just like up in my yard ... that is the safety zone ... NOTHING gets shot in the yard!!! Nothing.  Go out in the woods to do your harvesting.  Yeah ~ my back yard is wooded  and it's all woods beyond ... but you better be at least a half a forty acres away from it to do any shooting ... phew ... got that off my chest.

I have three blue jays that keep me company all day long ~ flitting around in the trees:

 ~ the female seems to have a dangling, injured leg ... 
I think it's from the wild feral cat that's been hanging around...

 notice ~ the female is duller in coloring than the male
 I also have some partridge that are hanging around the TajMelHal ... I enjoy watching the birds ~ it makes the day go by so much faster.

Talk about camouflage coloring ...

... do you see it?
I'll zoom in ...
DRATS ... look what's after the partridge ... that dang cat ~
I'm sure he's the reason for the injured blue jay too.  I've seen this cat up by the house a few times now stalking the birds on the feeder ... Mom has also seen it over by the farm.  It's wilder than the dickens and Mom's afraid it's going to go after her chickens.  hmmm... did that rhyme?  

I also had a chickadee land on my opened TajMelHal window sill today ...  but I was too slow with the camera ... but I did get a snap of this wood pecker in the tree right out the window:


Slim and Sam told me tonight I'm never going to shoot a deer if I keep bird watching and reading a book while I'm hunting.  That may be true ~ but if I keep seeing this feral cat ...

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I'd love being there to shoot with the camera, I'll leave the game shots for you!

    Happy hunting!

  2. Good luck deer hunting but personally I'd shoot the song bird killer. My own deer hunting record with a bow was comically bad so I took up a camera instead. Now a friend provides us with all the venison we need....:)

  3. You need to get a tranquilizer gun to knock down your pet deer. Then paint a vibrant orange M on their sides. I think word would spread pretty quickly that you Don't Mess With Mel.

  4. Slow harvest here too. Stay vigilant you'll get that trophy. And just let that feral cat be crow bait!!!

  5. Good Luck. Glad I'm not the only one snapping photos from my blind.

  6. I'm sure you will get that buck this year! You keeep hunting - and your are good at it or the birds would not be so close to you. I hunted Saturday but saw nothing. However, a friend killed one and gave the whole thing to me because he already had two harvested during blackpowder season. I'm blessed. If you get bored...shoot that cat! ☺

  7. well, good luck getting meat in the freezer!

  8. Boy, this is the way to hunt. I am with you @ the Taj and in a warm Motorhome at the same time. I tried, but was never much of a hunter. I read and ATE a lot whilest up in the tree.
    Love the bird pictures, and yep, I would be doing the same. However I KNOW you do harvest, I have a picture and have seen the results.

    I though of what your mom said last year after missing a shot (@300yds), 'Maybe it is time to hang up my rifle.' Nah we all know better.

    Love from down in Yemassee, SC
    Stay warm and good luck...

  9. Yes, the old blind did you well for a bit, but it served Mom for the longest time, taking many a good buck. And to think she's at it again...what an inspiration for ya.
    As for that bird-eatin' cat, take aim so Mom doesn't worry bout her chickens disappearing. However, they are winterized in their cozy coop already.
    Good luck with the rest of the one except Ran has gotten a thing. What a nice buck he got. Otherwise, sparse year, so far. Go GinUmGirl.

  10. oops, I meant Go GitUmGirl, but I'm sure you could Go Gin Um with the best of them. LOL

  11. Good luck ... I love the bluejay pics and YES I did see the world famous ruffed grouse! lol
    'love & hugs from afar'
    p.s.~ at least you can't complain about the weather this year :)

  12. Any buck-luck yet? Josh got his very first buck with the rifle...a nice big 7 pt. this morning. He's tickled and we're tickled for him.
    Good luck out there. Maybe Thanksgiving Day while the kids cook for you?
    That 3rd Bluejay pic is postcard-worthy...or make Christmas cards, oh talented one.

  13. Hope your shooting brings in some results, Mel. Personally, I have never hunted, except using a camera. Happy thanksgiving as well.