I'm revamping the blog look ... please bear with me for a bit as the look may be changing :)

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I like the pines and chick-a-dees look!!!

  2. That is sea moss green and it is Chatty's all time favorite color. Have fun. sandie

  3. oh Mel, leave it just like that....it's gorgeous. I completely forgot how to make changes so mine stays the same til you come over again...hint, hint. The Chickadees and Christmas tree balsam is perfect.
    Loveya Sissy,

  4. The last time I tried to change anything, it changed everything. I think you're having better luck with it!

  5. Oh shucks, there comes the female out in you AGAIN!

    Love you lady up in the North Woods. Change the blog all you like, but leave Mel alone!!!!

  6. I LOVE the new look! Where did you find the background??

  7. Oh CHICKADEE DEE ~ I'm loving the background and heading! It almost bought a tear to my eye and grabbed me right here (as she touches her heart like Daddy used to do) just remembering how we used to call you Chickadee Dee when you you were a kid. Love ya little sister!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. p.s. I re-read what I wrote and it the part about Daddy sounded weird to me ... what I meant was the way he would put his hand over his heart ... You know! He will always 'touch our hearts' forever and ever!

  9. I missed you this morning...stopped for coffee and talk but you must have been out gallivanting around with the Mr.
    :( MissYaGirl and like Cher said oh CHICKADEE DEE