pics from the Taj~

Sharing a few pics today from the Taj Mel Hall aka. TajMelHal, aka. the Taj (my little shack out in the woods):

 ~ this bear pic was taken a little earlier this fall ... I don't remember if I showed it to you before ... I think the bear are hibernating now ... we're having some pretty cold weather ... in the teens already...
 ~ Her Majesty ~
 ~ Her Majesty and the Youngin's ...

 ~ if you're a hunter you know what that signal is for ... waiting on Mr. Right
 ~ the two Old Sisters ...
 ~ ahh... excuse me but I think I was getting my picture taken ... how rude!
 ~ eating the jack-o-lantern ... loving the pumpkin ...

 ~ I think she bit off a little more than she could chew ...
 ~ the Old Sister on the right looks like she's had her eyebrow done ... notice the dark mark above her eye.  Each and everyone of these deer has it's own distinctive markings and characteristics.  Cool huh? This old gal is a mean one.  She chases all the other deer out when her and her sister come around.
 ~ poor bugger has an itch ... and a head between it's legs!

I hope you enjoyed my critter pics :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Like all the pictures but I always thought the tail in the air with the white showing and running was a warning to the other deer that danger was lurking. Am I wrong about that? I used to go hunting with Mel west of San Antonio at his grandmother's place. He hunted with a gun and I hunted with my eyes. Now his grandmother's place is in town.

  2. RE: Paula ~ you're correct on it being a warning; but ... the way she is holding it is because she's in heat and ready to mate. The warning tail flag isn't as rigid ... they're more flappy with it. I guess you'd have to see them quite often to tell the difference.

  3. Great pictures. You guys have fantastic places and I hope the Tajmelhall is productive this year. Funny the one picture fo the sisters looks like Dr. Dolittle's 'Pushme-Pullme' animal.
    Great shot of the upright bear. Oh they are all good.
    Love from down here. In the teens huh? BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, time for Florida!!!

  4. Love the photos you get from the Taj.
    Hope you're as lucky with the gun!!!

  5. I'm glad I'm not a hunter, I'd starve, but I'd sure like to shoot them with a camera!

  6. RE: Ms. A ~ These deer are like my pets ... I can't shoot them either BUT if a big ol' rutty buck comes along that I've never seen before ... during season ... it's harvested meat on the table. I just like having the ladies around to entice him in. In the meantime ~ when it's not deer/rifle season I sure do enjoy being able to get the photos that I do.

  7. Good pictures!!! I could never shoot a deer.. They are so pretty and their eyes seem so soft. I have yet to cook like a deer roast and have i to where I would eat it. I am sure I just never learned. I had a combination ground up deer, like hamburger, and I think my brother in law put some hamburger in it and he made a meat,loaf and a complete meal, and invited us over for dinner, My sister was in about the mid stages of alzheimers. so he did most of the cooking. It was really good.

  8. Nice pics Mel. I love watching them too but love a good loin on the plate too. It's healthy eating, the lean, clean venison is sought after in many fine restaurants across the world. I've even seen them use it on the Food Network show, 'Chopped.' Love that one.
    Love the picture of the yearling bear...he sees you coming.
    Good luck with your hunt and always happy to share coffee and a chair with you. You would've scared the cr** outa me if I hadn't seen your jacket.

  9. Well dang makes me miss Wis. even more. great Pics.