the domestic diva returns ~

I had no luck at the TajMelHal hunting the elusive white tail deer this year ... a repeat of last year :(  Oh well... I guess it just wasn't meant to be.  I have no regrets though; but some venison put in the freezer by me would have been a plus.  The guys (son and son inlaw) did get some meat though, so I'm not complaining. I'm sure they'll kick back a few packages of meat for me ~ since we were kind enough to let them process it here and Slim will be making some sausage later on and will be providing the pork etc... and the smoker for that.  We certainly won't starve because of it.

My time spent at the Taj was still memorable and something that I loved doing.  I did get to see a lot of partridge up close and chickadees, nut hatches, blue jays, squirrels and some does and fawns. Plus... I saw a weasel climb a tree! (photos on prior posts) That in itself was enough.  Plus ... big bonus ... the quiet time!

Sometimes I think it does the soul good to just have some quiet time to sit and contemplate over stuff, come to decisions, and reflect on cherished memories.  Every day out there I had such wonder thoughts of my Dad and the many hunts spent with him.  Also, so many thoughts of my sister Lana, who has passed on and the many hours of laughter that she bought to the family. Also, thinking back to the many holidays that we once spent with Slim's family before his parents and grandparents passed on.  His mother was a hoot!  While she was still living, and before I got into hunting, it was tradition that we would spend opening day of hunting season Christmas shopping.  She was like a hamster on steroids the way she could run those store aisles!  She'd have a photographic memory ... run through the mall on a look and seek mission then back track to get the best deals.  That gal was a master shopper if there ever was one.
It's cold out ... and we're covered with snow.

  Winter has hit the north woods with a vengence.  Last week we were in the 40's and this morning it was 8 degrees out.  Another reason that I'm grateful the hunting season has come to an end.   The guys were asking me if I wanted to keep on hunting ... it's muzzle loader season now for the next week.  I told them I'd consider it ONLY if the temps get into the double digits again... and preferably the first number has to start with at least a 2.

I'm so thankful the wood shed is full .. and just love seeing that smoke curling up to the sky. We'll go through about 30 cords of woods before spring.  Our outside boiler heats the house, the house water, and half of the 30x50 garage.  We could heat the whole garage because the whole thing is insulated; but we put in a divider wall and only heat the work shop area ... but it's still warm enough in the other side that the vehicles don't freeze up. 

So for now ... the hunting is over ... back to normal.  I have about 3 loads of laundry calling my name and a refrigerator that needs a good clean out.  Anybody want to come and do some domestic diva chores for me?  A little vacuuming, floor scrubbing, clean the porcelain throne, etc...

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh my goodness - 30 cords of wood - does that heat the whole house? sandie

  2. I'm noticing that as the years roll by my love for winter is dwindling! I still love looking at the beauty of the snow but dread the cold and damp that comes along with it. Stay warm and don't toss yourself into a working frenzy ... you've got all winter, and you know how long they can be!
    'love & hugs from afar ... too far'

  3. Love this entry. The old saying make lemonade, and you have. Yes, that quiet time is good. The wildlife is a plus, and you are good at reporting it. Love you gal, and they say, There is always next year!!! (Or mabe a muzzle loader, never done that one, although I did build one once, but never fired it.)

    Love from down here where it is very nice for OLD folk.
    Hugs to all.

  4. I can't even force myself to do the domestic diva duties around here, so I'd be no help at all!

  5. at least you enjoyed the time in the woods. :) pretty scenes, but you can keep the cold for now.

  6. I also had tag soup, but that is ok. I got a nice buck last year and we still have plenty of moose meat in the freezer.

  7. I'm sorry to hear the hunt wasn't successful for you. Maybe next year. Good luck getting the house back in order, that's always a challenge.

  8. Josh and Bill put the meat in the freezers this year., thank goodness for that. We will be canning some venison this week.
    I enjoyed the scenery and wilds with you, checking here each day. I also enjoyed some 'quiet' as I did not do any daycare last week. It was peaceful and delightful.
    I have a delivery for Mom this morning, so will stop by.
    BlessingsSweetSis, IMissedYou

  9. I just re-read your entry and wanted to remember Jean and her shopping expertise....she was one of a kind. Even now, can't think of anyone who could have compared. What a must have been that willful red head that spurred her onward...I miss her.

  10. Alas, being a household diva isn't my joy (my own house is sadly neglected) so I'm afraid you are on your own for those chores.

    I have a nice fire perking as I write though our temps have remained very mild ... too mild for this time of year!