arachnophobic ~

Warning: If you have a morbid fear of spiders ... skip this post.

My neighbor had posted this pic on FB of a spider that was on her mom's house.

She said it was a Wolf Spider.  It was in the outside doorway where her Mom just finished taking down Halloween decorations.

Here's one that I took a pic of awhile back that was in our work shop.

It was in the bottom of a two gallon bucket.  These spiders are huge!  I searched them out and found that they aren't venomous ~ but apparently can inflict a wound that could require medical attention ... okay.

The neighbor thought it was pretty neat to have it there.

I dumped mine out on the garage floor and whacked it with a board!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh dear, those are the biggest wolf spiders I have ever seen.
    I would flip out if I happened upon a spider that huge around here. Ours doesn't even compare to yours. I try to let the wolf spiders alone if I see them outside... however, if they're in my living space they're fair game. Get a board and have at it. lol

    I hope you're doing well. I've been worried about you and have tried to keep read up on your progress. You're one of my first blogging buddies and that's been a bunch of years ago. I treasure you my dear. I always wish you the best and send out positive thoughts and prayers your way.
    Thanks so much for being so sweet. The world is a friendlier and better place with you in it. (((hugs)))

  2. That sucker is HUGE! We have them something fierce around here and as long as they stay outside, they're safe. If they get in the house, they're dead!

  3. Oh - Those things just freak me out. We used to see them when we lived in our first house on the bay. UGH!!!! xo Diana

  4. I'd be doing the Whacky-Smacky too. gads......shakes me up.
    Life is Better now that he's a goner~

  5. I have never seen a spider that huge, I can't imagine running into that dude, I would feel a shotgun was called for, but inside I amma thinking a BIG board.

    Very interesting. And a little scary iffin I run up on it over my door!

    Thanks for the education.... and yeah teaching respect for spiders, especially one of SIZE!

  6. I'm mostly only afraid of Black Widows and Brown Recluse. On the other hand if this crawled on me in the middle of the night I may think otherwise.

  7. I'm a catch and release gal - I have a special spider trap. Took one out tonight that I unearthed moving furniture around.

  8. Those are huge!

    Ugh... Now I'm itchy all over!!

  9. My hair is standing straight up in the air...ewee. I do not want to see big spiders at all. Be safe. xoxo,Susie

  10. we get wolfies here. yours seems to have spindlier legs than ours. :)

  11. Thanks Mom for giving me the willies. I HATE spiders, especially living down here and I don't know what anything is! Whatever I see down here doesn't stand much of a chance of living, it usually gets stomped, smashed or sprayed instantly...shoot first, identify later is my motto!!! Just be sure to keep these big buggers up North, I don't want them down here!
    Love ya and miss ya!