craisins & the yearling ~

My house smells like cranberries!  I was given a dish pan full of fresh cranberries that were just harvested off the marsh - next door to my daughters place.

I never attempted to dehydrate them before ~ turning them into Craisins.  Now I have four trays going and going and going and going.  Wow... these little buggers take a LONG time to dry!  They have been in the dehydrator 12 hours already.  Of course, I had to google and see how long they take after I started this project.  It said that they can take up to 18 hours for drying time.  Geeze, if I had known that before starting I might not have done it.

I glanced out the kitchen window and what should I see ~ the little yearling is there eating the last apple off the tree.

This little guy has been coming into the yard for a year now.  It's been a loner for some time.  I'm thinking that it's Momma may have been eaten by the wolves or hit by a car early this spring.  

Whenever I see it I go outside and talk to it.  It's starting to get used to me and losing it's fear of me :)  He knows he's safe around me.

I went slowly down the deck steps talking to him.  Then I just stood there and let him approach me.  Talking softly to him all the time.  If I use the zoom on my camera he gets nervous.  So I take off the zoom and wait.  In the span of about 10 minutes he works his way closer.

Yes, I'm talking to you ... how long are you going to roll that apple around in your mouth?  Did you bite off more than you can chew?

Don't be cocking that ear at me.  I'm not going to hurt you.  I might even give you another apple one of these days from my hand.  How would you like that?

Another apple?  
Oh how I wish I had an apple in my hand!!
This is the closest he's ever been to me.

Sorry little one ~ next time I promise I will have a treat for you.  I bet you would just gobble up some cranberries or better yet some craisins.  Just keep coming around and we'll have our little chats.

It's just a matter of time ... I think I'll have him eating out of my hand.

This is just another reason I love living in the north woods!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Many years ago we had a 'cottage' deer. But he was friendly with everyone. I think he wandered in the woods on opening day, and approached a hunter that didn't realize he was tame. I hope you get to keep your wild pet!!!

  2. That is so pleasant to watch and see the little fellow come near. You are such a loving soul and I am sure the dude can sense it, or all you would have seen is white flag.

    Bizzy Bizzy Bizzy you folks in the North wood.
    Love to Slim, Sam and the wild life (Human and animals!()

  3. Home made craisins, never tried that yet... I see that the craisins you get in the store appear to have been cut in half before being dehydrated, perhaps this would speed up the dehydrating time.
    Deer are beautiful and gentle creatures to have around... Big trick is keeping them out of the garden!

  4. RE: Paul ~ The article I read too said something about cutting them in half ... I thought there is no way I'm going to cut in half four trays of cranberries. I really don't think I'll be making these ever again. For the amount of electricity I'm burning up using the dehydrator I could have went to the store and bought 4 bags of them! Oh well... lesson learned.

  5. I'll bet it would be just as quick to dehydrate those buggers in the micro. I'll bet they're good tho.

    Remember when Dad used to have the lil buck and his sister eating out of his hand? He's sit at the picnic table for the longest time waiting for them. Thanks for bringing back such a sweet memory of Dear Ol'Dad!
    I think your lil dear will make it thru the winter if predators don't out run him. He's a cutie.
    Isn't life in the woods great!

  6. Oh, I set up an oldie phone and it works fine so I'll be getting new cordless ones....again. Call me tomorrow...just checking. thanks

  7. The cranberries sound good. What a sweet deer, that one is.

  8. Good luck drying those cranberries. That is so cute with the deer- I am going to start calling you The Deer Whisperer! xo Diana

  9. Hope your craisens turn out well! Love them on salad!!!

  10. What a treat to be making home dried cranberries and then to have a visit from the little yearling. Life sounds very good in your part of the woods! I look forward to more visits.

  11. What a sweet yearling. I hope it stays safe and grows into a beautiful deer. :)

    I've never tried dehydrating cranberries. I like craisins pretty good, their taste reminds me a bit of dried apples. Thanks for posting about your experience with them. It sounds as if they're quite a lot of work and the time it takes requires more patience than I have in my old bones. ;)

  12. I have to agree with Dar, the first thing I thought of while reading this was Grandpa. Training the deer to eat out of his hand and naming every one on the property. I always talked to the deer too when I would come for a visit at your house. It's amazing the trust they gain once they finally feel safe. I miss home and the wildlife.... and of course the family too!