'shrooms ~

I rode along this morning with Dear Hubby on his trap line.  It was a nix on the fur harvest but a beautiful bounty was to be found.

When we were getting ready to leave the cabin he had asked me if I had my knife on me.  "Yeah ~ why are you asking?  Doesn't everybody carry the three essentials with them?"

Here's a pic of my 3 essentials that are in my jeans pocket always ...

... little bottle of nitro, my blade and good ol' Chap Stick. I think my knife is the most used of the three :)  Chap Stick coming in second and the nitro is just for looks.  (I wish)


Dear Hubby tells me he saw something the day before that might interest me.  He said as soon as he saw it he knew I'd be wanting of it.  Okay ... now I'm intrigued.  We drive down the road and he pulls over and he tells me to look to the north.  

Oh!  How well he knew I would love this find.


It didn't take me long and I had my trusty little blade just a slicing away those beauties into my possession.  


I know ... just when you thought I was done with the mushroom post.  It is November after all.  BUT oyster mushrooms like cool weather and will fruit right up until it freezes.  So now is actually a good time to look for them.  

The only wildlife we saw today were a few ruffed grouse and this small group of mallard ducks:

It's time for them to fly south.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. You even make the mushrooms look great in a photo. I betcha one thing I would not survive a day in the woods if I were to pick the mushrooms to eat.. (OUCH)

    Debbie said she once asked Gary if he had his knife, his answer was, "Got my pants on ain't I?"

    I miss the days when a knife was for necessities, and doing a guys finger nails. I have carried a knife all my life. I nearly lost it at court one time due to the new the metal detector. I returned to the car and stashed it.

    Sorry about the furs for you 'n Slim, but isn't it early? Just sayin'.

  2. What a nice find...the rains we've been having have done you well.
    Nice mess of um'...
    I just heard the last ping of 21 pints of raspberry the sound of a good seal on those jars.
    Life's Sweet

  3. It's funny that you mention that the ducks should be flying south. Just tonight I mentioned to Don Don that the geese were all flying the wrong way (north)... they must think it warmed up or something lol. Nice bounty on the mushrooms, Dad really knows the way to your heart!!! Glad to hear you got out there with him, I know he enjoys your company and sharing his love of the woods with you. Love and miss you both!

  4. I left you a reply on my blog, looking for your wisdom, so a little help please :)

  5. wow, amazing photos,

  6. I don't eat mushrooms, but you sure make them look good in the photos! Enjoy!

  7. What beautiful mushrooms! I'll have to take a walk and see if we have anything like that growing on the trees.

  8. Those are some incredible mushrooms! And yeah, I've got the knife and chapstick as part of my everyday attire. Don't leave home without it.

  9. those are some beautiful 'shrooms!

    laughed at your essentials. my sis in wis MUST have chapstick at all times.

  10. You are so lucky. Those mushrooms look mighty good.

  11. They do look yummy but then I wouldn't really know about eating them. My knowledge on the subject is entirely limited to morels. Anything beyond that and Im chicken...:)

  12. OMG Sara was right, the geese we've been seeing have been heading north too. What's up with that? Anyways, great find on the oyster mushrooms. We picked up some at the Asian Market last weekend. Love 'em.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  13. happy for you for that wonderful harvest

    snow here since yesterday