critters ~

I wish I could open the door .... whistle a happy little tune .... and the forest creatures would clean my house.  

Instead, I have found field mice somehow have taken up residency in my abode and need to be eradicated!

They're only cute in fairy tales.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Tis the season-for all furry creatures to find a home. And, in Wisconsin it is even worse with all the cheese we have around!;>)

  2. They are not limited by the house on a foundation, they love a Motor home. I joke about them going outside at our next site and saying, "We are not in Kansas anymore Toto!"

    they do like a free ride...
    Best of luck getting them creatures to clean your house. LOL

  3. When we moved here there were a lot of vacant lots and with them went field mice. I remember John chasing one and it jumped upon the china hutch with John in hot pursuit. Well he didn't jump on the hutch but he swatted at it. Quite a comedy!

  4. That time of year it is ... seeking a nice cozy nest in a nice cozy house ... but alas ... won't be cozy long.

  5. LOL, I know, not funny~Bill's been checking his trap line and so far, has eradicated 3...I found one of their seed storage spots today....grrr, mice!!!
    You're right, they're only 'cute' in fairy tales.
    Such is life in our country homes

  6. Not bad enough that the mice want to come in when the weather gets colder... Several times over the years we've caught the misguided cat trying to bring live mice into the house (for us to play with I'm guessing).
    Idle paws are the Devils workshop!

  7. Same here. Didn't find the culprit, but did find sunflower seeds among my bathroom towels. Traps are out, and steel wool is blocking the opening!!!

  8. I was telling Don yesterday about your mouse situation and it reminded me of when I was living with Grandma for awhile. I came home from work to find Grandma in the living room, by the fireplace with all of her antique oil lamps on the mantel, swinging a hammer around trying to get a mouse that came in by the chimney. I about had a heart attack waiting for the sounds of glass breaking, which it never did, and the mouse escaped, despite her best efforts of attacking it. After it was all said and done, it was quiet comical watching a little 80+ yr old lady chasing a little mouse around.

  9. My husband used to get excited when we had a mouse. He'd set the trap and just listen. If he heard a snap, he would jump up to see if he caught anything. He thought about getting one mounted next to an old rusty tin can and other assorted garbage, sort of a diorama. He never did, thankfully! Good luck with yours.

  10. But they're so dang cute! Have fun setting up your indoor trap line - catch and release right?! lol
    'love & hugs from afar'

  11. So cute. You have a very nice blog.