here comes winter ~

  What a difference a day makes. It snowed again ... but I'm not complaining.  It is November after all.  Maybe this time it will stay.

I'm so happy we FINALLY took the boat canopy down yesterday and put the boat in the garage!  I sure wouldn't have enjoyed doing that in the snow ... not that it was a very enjoyable project to begin with.

What I call the boat canopy is actually a 10'x12' portable carport.  You know the kind ... with the big heavy metal poles connected with nuts and bolts and covered with a heavy plastic, held on with bungee cords.

Needless to go into anymore detail ... some projects I just don't think are husband and wife projects.  This is one of them!

The wind yesterday didn't help the situation either, except for possibly drowning out my thoughts that were spilling out of my mouth at certain moments.  Good thing Dear Hubby is hard of hearing.  He kept saying, "what?"  and I'd say, "never mind."  But internally, I was growling like an old sow bear at someone messing with her cubs.

It just never fails.  He always waits to the last minute to do this project. AND it's always cold, wet, damp and windy when he does!!!

GrrrrrrrrrrARGGGHHHH !!
I've thawed out since then ... I'm mo' betta now :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I'da left that canopy up to see if it could withstand a WI winter~
    I agree~some projects are not meant to be husband/wife projects...funny.
    Chase the grrrrr away and come over for coffee...missya
    Life's Good

  2. Ha ha I was a chuckling ~ I know about last minute men .

  3. Snow already. ~faints dead away~
    Lovely photo. I'm in awe of your breathtaking view even though it's cold though, it's gorgeous just the same.

    I swanny, sometimes I think our husbands was raised in the same house. I can relate to your grumbles. lol

  4. LOL-Oh- you and I are a pair. There are DEFINITELY things that husbands and wives should not attempt to do together- xo Diana

  5. Being a first hand witness to your husband/wife projects with dad, I felt like I was right beside you while reading this post. The grumbles under your breath from you and dad constantly saying "What?" I had to chuckle at this!
    Seriously though, why does he always wait until the very last moment to do this? I don't think there has ever been a time when it wasn't raining or snowing and the wind whipping a 100mph. I don't know why he doesn't just build another garage up on the turn around for the boat and other toys, then you don't have to go through this year after year. Anyways, thanks for the chuckle, love you and miss you!

  6. I love thse planned family projects. they are scheduled to boost the blood pressure and get the juices flowing. This would not happen on a bright sunny day, so think what you would miss. Slim is my kinda man, schedules at the right time.(smile).

    So, thou felt like a Sow bear!!! OUCH!

    Thanks for a smile. We can do that when we are not with in throwing distance... LOL

  7. Guess it's a man thing (hide your eyes Jack) only just different projects for different parts of the country.