it felt good ~

The sun was shining today ... I could actually feel it's warmth for a change.  It felt good :)

I think this little pine squirrel would agree.  

It laid up in the branches of the maple tree with the sun on it's back ... soaking in  the warmth of spring.

The two squirrels on the ground were too busy chattering with each other...

... and finding seeds.

They weren't about to share with the gray squirrel ~ which they kept chasing up another tree.

That tree was occupied too.  It was the place to be if you were a black-capped chickadee.

They were busy cracking seeds.  It's easy to see why they are called the black-capped chickadee when you see them with their head bowed down.

All the commotion going on ... and I have this little squirrel sitting at my feet.

It kept turning it's back to me ... maybe it figured I couldn't see it then.

The deer and the turkeys showed up too.

I know ... photo over load!  At least I wasn't going on and on about the snow. 

Oh wait ...
I do have a snow pic today.

It finally slid off the back of the garage... 

... leaving a good sized pile.  I'm sure glad I don't have to shovel back there!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Wow, what a magical winterland you live in. Seeing all those beautiful animals is such a treat. I'm so glad you got out into the sunshine and enjoyed the warmth and beauty of nature. Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your walk with us.

  2. I LOVED your photo overload ~ great shots !
    That little pine squirrel sleeping ~adorable !!

  3. As always a good story along with great pictures. Love the squirrel, but especially love the big guys. Something about the deer, and those BIG turkeys WOW good thing it ain't Thanksgiving, they just ring my bell.!!!
    Yes you do show a winter wonderland... Stay warm...
    Love from Georgia...

  4. I'm glad you weren't standing there when the snow fell. Love the picture of the deer and the turkey together.

  5. I so enjoy your amazing wildlife photos. This must take some time and patients of you to capture these. Thank you much.

  6. All that wildlife in spite of the snow! Awesome! Sure doesn't look like the sun melted much of it. I guess when you have that much, it takes a long time.

  7. LOVED all the pictures. Those squirrels were cute as can be.

  8. Pics like these make me miss home, but I sure don't miss the snow up to my butt crack lol. Love the squirrel sleeping in the tree catching the rays. Glad to see the sun finally shining up there ... spring for the Northwoods is finally on its way!!! Love & miss ya!

  9. what a marvelous nature show you have!