the sweet scent ~

There is no scent as sweet as that of a little baby ...  wouldn't you agree?

Our newest Grandlove has arrived ...
and she's beautiful ...
and healthy ...
smells wonderful!  

Blake Anita
10 lbs. 10 oz.
22 inches
born 3/23/14

Momma and baby are doing fine.

The big sisters are proud as can be.

We are blessed.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Congratulations, Mel & Family!!!

    10 lbs. 10 oz... holy cow, mom must be exhausted!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy! She's precious.

  3. A big, beautiful baby! Congrats to all!

  4. I agree with Pat - big, beautiful baby. Yes, babies smell so good - well not all the time. :) Congratulations! One more to love!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS ALL ROUND. How sweet is that smell? You cannot describe it. I was just recounting Jack Jr's birth.
    WOW she was a big girl... She is born into such a wonderful family, she is gonna love it....

  6. Yeah ~ I'm a GREAT Aunt again! What a bundle full of love. Can't wait to welcome her properly to our family with lots of hugs and kisses.
    'love & hugs from afar'

    1. Cher, you really are a "GREAT" Aunt! I wouldn't trade ya fur 'nuffin! Lol. Love ya & miss ya!

  7. She's so precious, I can't wait to meet her and snuggle her. There really isn't anything better than the smell of a baby. I just got off the phone with Staci and she said that the nurse told her that she didn't have a peanut, that she had a walnut lol. She also said that they can't believe how content she is and hardly fusses about anything. Hopefully she stays that way! I'm so happy to be an Aunt again to such a sweetie.

  8. agree = unless diaper is full

    bless her lil heart

  9. Awww, such a sweetheart! Wow, and I can see already she is so loved. Brooke and Bailey are going to spoil her rotten...but not so much as Grandma Mel and Gramps Slim.
    Congrats to you all.
    Oh, I can't wait to hold her and touch her soft new skin.

  10. AW!!! I saw a pic of her this morning, Brooke showed me some. what cute cheeks she has!! Congrats Gramma!

  11. Congratulations! Yes I agree, nothing like the scent of a baby. Something special!

  12. Indeed! And congratulation to all...;)

  13. Aw so sweet. Congratulations Grandma what a precious little angel you have there. :)