let it snow ~

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

The snow was coming down pretty heavy yesterday.  I'd venture to guess we got another 4 to 6 inches.  It was heavy and the packing kind ... sorry ... I'm not going out to build a snowman.

I'll take this weather over a hot day above 80 anytime.  I like sweatshirt and sweater weather :)

Just before the snow started there were 3 turkeys out in the yard.  

I really hope they were just passing through and don't decide to stick around.  I'm not a huge fan of the turkeys.  They do too much scratching in the flowerbeds for my liking.  Although, it will be awhile yet before I'm in the flowerbeds.  

The goldfinches are starting to get more color.  In another week or so they'll be showing a lot of yellow coloring as mating season approaches.  I love watching their transformation of plumage.   

Just for grins and giggles ... I'm trying to keep my spirits up ... here's a picture out my basement door this morning onto the patio.  No we don't use that door in the winter ... I have enough shoveling to do with using one door and pathway.

Here's some pics of that same area after the snow goes ...

Okay ... now I've had enough snow.  Bring on the rainy season ... melt this snow so I can watch my flowers grow.

I keep telling myself not to get in the dumps about the snow.  It is still March after all.  We always have this much snow this time of the year.  I think the problem though was that it was so cold this winter and no one was out ice fishing and snowmobiling like other years and the winter just dragged on for us.

Hopefully, we'll have a nice slow spring thaw.  One without a lot of flooding of the creeks and rivers.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Great shots !
    That area looks beautiful both ways it seem !
    But I am totally with you on this ~
    enough snow already !
    Bring Spring.

  2. Oh lady! this contains some beautiful shots. Yeah the weather fits you rugged types, we are more sissy down here, LOL.

    I bet the birds do wonder about the weather, maybe they will start to think their calendar is off or something.

    Love from Georgia!!

  3. We still have a lot of snow, too, Mel. I am starting to think it is never going to melt here. I hope it does soon! Your gardens (from before) are beautiful. I don't like the high temps and humidity either- xo Diana

  4. It is beautiful with or without the snow. I like to see the turkeys but of course they are at the ranch and not scratching in my flower beds. We see them often on the back forty and we always stop to watch them. The old gobblers sure can stretch those wings and prance.

  5. I'm not looking forward to the hot weather, but I don't want the snow, either. Keep all that beautiful stuff for yourself.

  6. Oh dear. I can't imagine snow so deep and still snowing. I do admire you and your family. You all must have the patience of a saint for such long snowy winters.
    The turkeys look like Thanksgiving came early and it came right to your door. lol I wonder if it's turkey season there. It'd be purdy handy if it were.
    The birds are so pretty. It's great that you keep feed out for them. I suspect there isn't much to eat in the woodlands this late in the season.
    I love your flower beds. You have a gift for landscaping. With all the layers of snow cover, you must miss seeing your gardens something dreadful sometimes.
    I agree with the other commenters, it's beautiful there with or without the snow. Your photos are wonderful.
    Sending you warm thawing thoughts.
    Wishing you a pleasant weekend.

  7. It looks beautiful, but enough is enough. Hope it thaws soon. Love the turkey pic.

  8. Maybe we should pull out the lawn chairs and the ice cream bucket of Brandy Slush and ' forget about it!'
    Yes its been a long cold winter but bring on those hot summer days then come on over and jump in the pool with me....soon your beautiful gardens will be shining with color and your fairies will be dancing in their gardens by the garage. Oh happy Days are a comin'....

  9. Your sightings of the geese and the swans heading for the river is surely a great sign of SPRING!

  10. Your place is beautiful, with and without snow! I like your attitude about the snow; much better than mine would be, I'm sure.