mom ~

Not so much anymore ... but back in the day when all the kids were at home.  That was me.  Now my daughter Staci has taken over the roll call of Mom :)

Remember this shirt Sara?

Yes ~ that's me.
It was a backyard 4th of July party.  The shirt said, "Who are these kids and why are they calling me Mom?"
the good ol' days
put a cocktail in my hand
set me up in a lawn chair
watch the world go by

~ Squirrel Jail ~ 
I took this pic last fall; but they are at it again.  They keep popping the top off the "squirrel proof" feeder.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. OMG... that squirrel photo is awesome AND hilarious!

  2. Yep I remember that shirt ... I bought it for you because you would never acknowledge us lol. I even resorted to calling you Mel on occasion just so I could get a "What do you want?" Out of you lol. It's about as bad as you asking me "what part of NO do you not understand?" And me being the smartass that I am would answer with "the K & the W" (KnoW)! Oh the good ol' days!

  3. Oh and it's good to see that we actually have a pic of you UPRIGHT in a lawn chair and not flipped over!!! LOL Love you!!!

  4. Oh Sara ~ you make me sound like an uncaring mother who was a lush. LOL LOL

  5. LOL- LOVE the shirt and that squirrel is hysterical! xo Diana

  6. Mom you were never uncaring or a lush, but you do have a knack for finding "drunk" lawn chairs that can't stay upright. Lol

  7. Made me chuckle. Loved the tee shirt, cartoon and squirrel in the feeder.

  8. I young Mel, I like it. Yep, I have no doubt you fit the picture of MOM! Love the shirt also. Evidently the squirrel proof top is sorta like the child proof tops on meds, the kids can open them but us seniors take a hammer.
    But the picture is hilarious.
    Love from Georgia
    PS: I took time to read the side board again, SWEET.

  9. Nice entry Mel. It is kind of nice to be a retired MOM but then there are days we would like to be able to paddle their little fannies again, huh? Wasn't child abuse back then.

  10. Oh I do remember the 'Mom Mom Mom', years and miss them terribly. However these 'Grandma Grandma Grandma' years are pretty sweet.

    Look at you surrounded by all that green and sunshine. (I bet you miss them both right now right now) Sounds like it was a fun filled day. The shirt is a peach. lol

    Funny cartoon, it's so true that Robins are into everything. lol

    Oh my goodness, your squirrel is hilarious. I think that's one of the most awesome funny squirrel photos I've ever seen. It's so cute.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  11. I love your Mom shirt and that Sara, now she's still sassy but always followed by laughing. You did well by your kids. They know full well, how much you love, Love, LOVE them.
    Cool squirrel shot...I have one like that with a chipmunk in a glass feeder somewhere...they do find a way of getting into where they do not belong...kinda like kids! Ha!

  12. I can't stop laughing at your squirrel pic- too funny!

  13. first, love the shirt. and your idea of relaxing, too.

    the squirrel is too funny!!!

  14. So now you get to hear Grandma, Grandma, Grandma ~ but you can send them home if you want to ;) As for the soup, you are so wrong my dear sister - asparagus was on sale for 98 cents a bunch so I bought 6 bunches. Excellent soup but also roasted with little olive oil and kosher salt.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  15. Love both the shirt and the photo of the squirrel. Funny! When I was teaching, I would take the students on field trips. They thought it was funny to call me mom and watch how people would try to figure out how I had so many children.

  16. Love that picture of you! and of the silly squirrel!